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6 Life Lessons In The Movie Gifted

Gifted is definitely one of my new favorite movies. I was in complete awe of the plot and complexity of the characters and was totally enveloped in the story within the first few minutes of the movie.  7-year-old Mary is just like every other little girl, but with one extraordinary quality — she’s a genius.  On Mary’s first day of public school, she demonstrates her mathematical talent to the class and reveals her secret intelligence.  

When word of this gets out, many people believe that Mary needs to be intellectually challenged at a university or academy for gifted students.  However, Mary’s uncle and guardian, Frank, doesn’t want to take away Mary’s childhood and turn her into a problem solving machine, but the sudden reappearance of Mary’s grandmother evidently leads to the revaluation of what her future should look like.  This amazing film definitely left a huge impact on me, so here are 6 lessons that I learned from Gifted, in select theaters April 7th!

1. If You Love Someone, Never Leave Them Behind

If you truly care about someone, then it’s important to always be there for them and never leave them hanging, no matter what advice other people may be giving you.  Love should always be unconditional.

2. Stand Up for Others

If someone’s being treated poorly or bullied, it’s essential that they have someone on their side to help defend and stick up for them.  You never really know the hardships that someone could be going through in their personal lives.

3. Intelligence Isn’t Everything

Your intelligence doesn’t define you, but your personality and the way you treat others does.  Always be kind to people and give them a reason to want to stick with you.

4. Make Your Own Decisions

Don’t let people tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.  Make decisions on what you believe is right and don’t let someone else boss you around.  It’s your life, so live it however you want to.

5. Embrace the Happy Moments in Life

Not everything in life will be fun or delightful, so when happy moments do come along, it’s important to embrace and enjoy them.

6. When Doing Advanced Calculus, Never Forget the Negative Sign on the Exponent

On a less serious note, it’s important to never forget a negative sign on an equation, or certain problems will become unsolvable:)

This movie truly did make me laugh, cry and I felt so invested. I would highly recommend it.  

Don’t miss Gifted, in theaters now!

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Godsent Izzy

Saturday 12th of August 2017

This movie was really engaging for me; i learnt so much from it , but what struck me so deep was the uncommon gift of forgiveness given by Mary's mum inspite of her mothers failure to provide her a normal childhood and adolescent life, she taught me to ignore thinking things through when it comes to letting go of hurts and resentment.

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