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The Must-have Office Chair | Autonomous Ergo Chair 2

The Autonomous Ergo Chair 2 is the best ergonomic office chair for both at-home workspaces and corporate offices. This redesigned model works great in a small New York City (even Kansas City) apartment or a large office. I am currently using it in my home office and absolutely love it!! You will never go back to a basic office chair once you experience the comfort and flexibility of this office chair.

Why the Ergo Chair 2?

The Autonomous Ergo Chair 2’s features make it a must-have staple in the office.

  1. Its new fully-customizable features provide 360 degrees of full-body support to relieve and prevent chronic neck and back pain, and improve sitting posture.
  2. This affordable office chair has an amazing value on the market. After materials, labour, and more, this chair’s value comes to $369. This also includes a two-year warranty and 30-day trial.
  3. You can get the full experience of harmonious design and function when you pair this chair with the SmartDesk.

Innovative Features

The Autonomous Ergo Chair 2’s new Italian-designed tilt mechanism adjusts to tailor to your desired body support. The Korean mesh backing stretches to hug your body like a cloud. It also allows your body to breathe during long periods of sitting throughout the work day.

World-class tilt mechanism

The Italian-designed tilt mechanism’s multiple levers allow you to tailor your desired support and resistance for maximum comfort. You can adjust how far your chair reclines or sits up to match your comfort level.

Comfortable Seat

Upgraded foam and breathable material give you a softer and more supportive seat. The levers allow you to adjust your seat forward and backward as needed for. When you adjust the seat along with the lumbar and tilt mechanisms, you can achieve the maximum support from head to toe.

Flexible Lumbar Support

You can adjust the lumbar tension for the perfect amount if pressure. This helps relieve any lower left/right back pain that you experience, as well as prevent any further back pain. The lumbar support has a wide range of flexibility regardless of your body type.

Breathable Support

The Autonomous Ergo Chair 2 is designed with new light and breathable Korean mesh Backing. This material stretches for optimum lower back pain relief. This feature will keep you cool throughout the day, especially when you are sitting for long periods of time. It feels like a cloud is perfectly hugging your body.

Tilting Headrest

The Autonomous Ergo Chair 2’s tilting headrest will adjust to give you maximum comfort and pain relief for your neck. You can adjust the height and angle of the headrest to support your neck. This feature is wonderful because it relieve chronic neck pain and strain.

Adjustable Armrests

The armrests are adjustable in multiple directions. They can adjust up and down, and left and right. No matter how long or short your arms may be, these armrests can move in the proper direction and height to support your arms and shoulders.

Certified Ergo Chair

This chair is even certified by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). The BIFMA promotes safety and performance standards for consumer products. So, this chair passes the test!

You need the Autonomous Ergo Chair 2

The new Italian-designed tilt mechanisms paired with the light, breathable Korean mesh backing make this chair flexible and functional. This chair will give you 360 full-body support and comfort during those long sitting periods with its adjustable lumbar tension, seat, armrests, chair height, and tilting headrest. If you really want to shake things up in your workspace, pair the chair with the SmarkDesk 2.

This chair is 10 out of 10 Sarah Scoop approved with two thumbs up!

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Monday 4th of January 2021

The ergochair2 is an amazing ergonomic chair. I love it so much. No more back pain. I highly recommend it. For the latest promo codes, visit

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.