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The Official Sarah Scoop Book Club!

We are starting a book club here at Sarah Scoop and it’s super easy to join! There will be a new book to enjoy every month, so if you love to read, this is absolutely for you! This month’s novel is The Cast by Amy Blumenfeld. We did an interview with Amy this past September and loved her novel so much, we chose it as our first ever book club novel!

We are so excited to start this new reading adventure! Here are all the facts and info you’ll need to know before you join us:

When will the book of the month be announced?
The book will be announced the first Monday of every month.

When will you post the video discussion?
The discussion day and time will vary, but we are aiming for doing it on the last Thursday of every month.

Will Sarah Scoop fans be involved in the discussion?
The discussion will include Sarah, Veronica (the Sarah Scoop books editor), other contributors, and sometimes the author. Not all discussions will be live, but if they are, you will have the opportunity to ask questions! If it won’t be live and you want a question to be included in the discussion, please email Veronica beforehand at

How will I know all the info about the book club dates and times?
We will regularly announce updates and post on social media. Stay updated by following Sarah Scoop on all social media platforms!

Discussion of The Cast by Amy Blumenfeld will be posted on January 31st! Purchase her novel wherever books are sold!

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