“The Politician” Season 2 Fan Reactions That You Will Definitely Agree With

Netflix dropped the second season of The Politician on June 19th and it’s all people can talk about since! The wildly popular show rocked our world last season and the second definitely did not disappoint. Between the incredible casting, gorgeous costumes, and over-the-top drama, there is so much to love about The Politician. Of course, we are so grateful that they always seem to find an excuse for Ben Platt to sing.

Fans are so obsessed with the most recent season of this Netflix original that some of claiming that the second season might even be better than the first! If that doesn’t make you want to stop what you’re doing and go binge this series right now, I don’t know what will. Devoted Politician fans made sure to put their honest reactions to this season on social media so that others could feel validated and understood. Check out some of the best fan reactions to The Politician season 2:

Ben Platt has the best idea for a “drinking game” that will result in a lot of donations and purchases to support BLM thanks to this show’s love for the word “ambition”.


The Politician Season 2 Fan Reactions:

We were all thinking it. Is there any way someone could perhaps borrow these clothes? Asking for a friend.

We’re cracking up at this one. This line really does sum this show up well.

We hate to say it, but this just might be true. What do you think?


Keep the David Corenswet content coming, please! Fans are so grateful that we got more of River in season 2 of The Politician.

Why must we wait so long!? JVN really sums up all of our emotions right now.

We can’t be the only people thinking this. Her voice is so relaxing.


Everyone in The Politician is ridiculously good looking. We are forever grateful to this casting director.

We heard it from the man himself all the way back in February and now we can confirm that Ben Platt is always right.



So glad to know that we weren’t the only ones thinking about this while we watched! It’s so true!

Sometimes it feels really good to know that you’re not alone in your emotions. This tweet really gets us.

If you agreed with any or all of these reactions to The Politician‘s second season, let us know! If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? We can guarantee at least one of these fan reactions will make you feel understood and isn’t that the best thing we can get from our entertainment?

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