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“The Politician” Season 2 Review-The Amazing Absurd

So, does “The Politician” season 2 hold up to the first? With 7 episodes that seem to fly by, it most definitely does. With that classic Ryan Murphy drama, each episode had me wanting more and more. I had cringed at the thought of a second season since it seemed to wrap up nicely-before the senator plot introduced at the end, but this season was just as fun and dramatic as the first.


Compelling Characters

“The Politician” season 2 focuses on Payton’s (Ben Platt) journey to running as a senator of New York as well as his opponent, the seasoned Dede Standish ( Judith Light) who stands opposed for the first time in decades. This season gives both characters equal screen and development that is gripping. We get introduced to Dede’s life and even learn a little more about Payton’s. As for the other characters-they remain just as interesting as they did in the first season of the Netflix drama. We get appearances of minor characters of the first season such as Andrew (p Ryan J. Haddad). Each major character from the first season has their own character arc that’s just as interesting as Payton’s and Dede’s.

“The Politician” season 2 really delivers on its characters, but the story? The drama?


Rousing Drama and Dialogue

The 7 episodes this season provides are riveting. Much like season 1, the drama is rich and ever-present. Though the story follows the same format: follows an election, equal parts on Payton and his opponent, even an episode devoted to a voter- it doesn’t get less absorbing. With changing dynamics between characters and withheld information, this season keeps every viewer wanting more.

Like we expect from “The Politician”, the plots, both A and B, become absurd. It’s all so enjoyable seeing the direction things go. The dialogue even gets absurd. Though I don’t think anything will beat Infinity’s ( Zoey Deutch) speech about how she wants to visit the restaurant from “Ratatouille”, it’s still worth it to sit down and see what ridiculous thing a character has to say next.

*Spoiler*: Okay, so maybe deciding the election based on rock, paper, scissors can beat that.


“The Politician” Season 2: Worth it?

In short, of course. If you were a fan of season 1, you’ll love season 2. Many of the elements we became used to are still there, and once again, we’re even treated to a song from Ben Platt himself. Characters grow and the plot stays tense. The messages are apparent, yet not overbearing. Everything we love is going strong. The finale has you on the edge of your seat. There’s even a small hint that a third season may be on its way.

“The Politician” season 2 is worth it, so go ahead and binge away!


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