Temptation Island Kady Cannon Interview

Kady Cannon shares the scoop on all things Temptation Island and her life as an entrepreneur. From being a contestant on the show and then using that boldness to put herself out there as an entrepreneur, Kady has a lot to share about relationships, reality tv, and her marketing agency.  So channel your island vibes and grab this swimsuit and sunscreen and lets get the scoop on Kady Cannon.

Temptation Island Gave Her Clarity

Kady went onto the show as a couple with her boyfriend John Thurmond. On the show, the couple would see if their relationship could stand through the temptations of life. At the time, they had been dating for almost three years, but Kady still wasn’t sure John was “the one”. 

“We had lived together at that point for about a year, and I mean, things were going good in our relationship, but I just wasn’t certain if he was the one.” 

Kady Cannon

The show gave her clarity about her relationship with John, and being on Temptation Island resulted in the end of their relationship. However, Kady is grateful for the experience and says that she would definitely go back in time to be on the show with John again. 

“Would I do it again as far as with John, would I do it again and if I could go back in time? Yes, I would do it again as far as the same situation… I still love my experience on the show. It helped me realize a lot. I felt like opened pandora’s box of feelings that I never knew that I had and all this emotional baggage that was buried [inside me].”

Kady Cannon

Current Relationship With John

While Kady thought that it would be super easy for her and John to stay together throughout the show, unfortunately their relationship ended and Kady realized that he was not the one for her. In addition, she reveals that she no longer talks to John, and with everything being televised, this made their relationship cloudy. 

“The decision that I came to while on the show (spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the show) was that John wasn’t the one for me… [Today] we are not together, we don’t talk… With John, and with everything being televised and with social media, things just got really muddy and I just had to cut off communication there.” 

Kady Cannon

Filming Process of Temptation Island

The filming process of Temptation Island may have only been a six week process, but Kady shares that the days felt like an eternity. 

“Filming was about six weeks, about four of which I think was the decision process. And that does not sound like a long time but every single day feels like an eternity there… Every single day just felt like such a long time and so much could develop and happen”

Kady Cannon

The contestants would film for approximately 18 hours a day and were also not allowed to have their phones, a tv, a radio, or music– which was something Kady found to be very shocking. 

“You’re filming 18 hours a day. You have no phone, no music– no music! I feel like that is something that is so underrated that nobody talks about.”

Kady Cannon

For Kady, being on the show was very emotionally draining and a heavy process, However, despite having a camera in front of her most of the time, being on the show allowed for Kady to be self-reflective and realize what she wants to go after in life.  

Advice For Those Wanting To Go On Temptation Island

Kady shares that she would definitely go on the show again as a single. She offers her advice to those looking to be casted. Whether you want to go on the show as a couple or as a single, Kady gives her advice to be yourself and step outside of the box. 

“They want people with big personalities– but be yourself obviously! They want people who will talk and are good in front of the camera. If you’re going on as a couple… both partners have to be dynamic. They have to see a good story line there. And then for a single, just somebody who’s going to want to get in there and rock the boat, that isn’t afraid to shake things up.” 

Kady Cannon

Temptation Island Impacted Her Decision To Start Her Own Business

With a degree in marketing, Kady has been working in the corporate world her entire career. However, being on Temptation Island gave Kady the courage and boldness to take the big leap and start her own marketing agency. 

“By going on the show it created this platform for me… I made a lot of connections very quickly with successful business owners… and they gave me a lot of advice and a lot of mentorship. And I just did it. I just took a leap of faith and I launched my company and I’m so glad that I did.” 

Kady Cannon

“I think Temptation Island kind of gave me the courage to not take the path of the norm, to kind of just be brave and do something unorthodox.” 

Kady Cannon

Kady Cannon has learned so much from her time on Temptation Island. She was quick to use these lessons and apply them to her life off the show. Even though Kady and John’s relationship ended, her experience on the show is one that she is grateful for and will never forget. 

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