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Project Runway Designer Lela Orr Interview

Designer, Lela Orr, talks about life on set, her inspiration, and her journey to becoming a designer.

Lela received a Rising Star Award Nomination for Fashion from the FGI of Dallas.
Lela Orr/ Instagram

Life On Project Runway

The on-set experience of Project Runway was not what Lela expected.

“Being on set was amazing. It’s so crazy because you think like, okay, I’m going into a competition I’m just going to be real fierce and cutthroat… but you get in this bubble of a film set and everyone becomes your friend,” Lela said. “When the mics are off when the cameras are gone, you have each other and that’s’ it.”

Lela Orr/ Instagram

Finding Inspiration

Lela finds inspiration from things all around her. Whatever she’s going through in life inspires her art.

“In my last collection, my business partner and I were just talking about looking up at the sky and clouds. That’s how it started,” Lela says, “We’re always inspired by nature, some movement that’s happening in the world, something that’s really more profound.”

Designs from the Ferrah Collection
Lela Orr/ Instagram

The Ferrah Collection

“Ferrah means joy in Arabic,” Orr tells us. Lela wanted to start a brand to bring joy to people through fashion.

“Fashion can have such an effect on your persona. It can be used as a tool for self-expression.” She goes on to say, “I think ultimately it is there to have fun with it and bring people joy. So, that is Ferrah.”

If you would like to shop the joyful, Ferrah brand visit

Lela Orr/ Instagram

Sustainable Fashion

One of Lela’s passions is making fashion sustainable. That means keeping waste to a minimum and making sure that the manufacturing process does not hurt the environment. In the future, Lela hopes to do more sustainable speaking engagements.

“It’s a field that I’m so passionate about. I think it’s such a really cool, fascinating, positive direction fashion’s going in.”

Designer Tips

If you or someone you know is thinking about applying to be a contestant on Project Runway Lela’s number one piece of advice is to be genuine and authentic.

“It’s better to not type cast yourself. The producers can do that for you. Be authentically you. Bring a lot of energy and confidence in what you do.”

Lela’s Advice

Lela originally studied Business Law as an undergraduate student, but after noticing herself pursuing internships with artists and other creative opportunities she decided to follow her dream of working in the fashion industry.

Lela expressed that she believes following one’s passions is what will bring them joy in life. “You know there’s good days and bad days, but ultimately if you feel like you’re following your passion you’ll feel that joy,” she says.

When asked what advice she would give to people thinking about pursuing a creative career, Lela responded, “I would just say: go with your gut, go with your passions- like what really fuels you throughout the day.”

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