“The Big Show Show” Lily Brooks O’Briant Interview

Lily Brooks O’Briant from Netflix’s “The Big Show Show”, talks life on set, managing school and acting, bullying, and dealing with rejection.

Lily with her dog, Rebel!
Lily Brooks O’Briant/ Instagram

“The Big Show Show”

Mandy White is the name of the character Lily plays on Netflix’s new comedy series, “The Big Show Show”. This sitcom stars former WWE wrestler, The Big Show. It’s all about The Big Show’s experiences raising his three daughters alongside his wife in Florida.

Lily has dreamed of being on a Netflix series for a long time. When she finally found out she received the role of Mandy White she was, “Over the moon excited.”

The White sisters as seen on “The Big Show Show”.
From left to right: Juliet Donenfeld, Raelynn Caster, and Lily Brooks O’Briant
Lily Brooks O’Briant/ Instagram

Working on “The Big Show Show” was Lily’s first experience in comedy and she loved it. She says that her favorite episode was episode six of season one because she got to stuff a lot of cupcakes in her mouth! Cupcakes aside, Lily attributes her positive filming experience to her castmates.

“Everyone was so kind and so sweet. I couldn’t have asked for a better T.V. family… Hopefully, we can get a season two so I can work with them all again.”

Lily has become great friends with her ‘sisters’ on the show. After filming, Lily looked forward to getting together with the cast of “The Big Show Show” because they had become so close.

The cast of “The Big Show Show”
Lily Brooks O’Briant/ Instagram

Lily Brooks O’Briant Takes A Stand Against Bullying

This actress is passionate about taking a stand against bullying. One reason she raises awareness for anti-bullying campaigns and initiatives is that she went through it herself.

“I was bullied because I was an actress. Most of my classmates didn’t believe I was an actor or I was going to film a movie even though I was gone for six months. It’s really hard to deal with bullying and I feel like no kid should have to go through that.”

Lily Brooks O’Briant/ Instagram

Rejected 400 Times

When asked what advice she would give to young aspiring actors and actresses Lily replied that they would need to become accustomed to facing rejection.

“Something that you are going to go through as an actor or an actress is rejection. You’re not always going to book the role you go into an audition for.”

Lily and her mother recently counted how many roles or jobs that Lily auditioned for, but did not receive. They counted four hundred times. Lily doesn’t have a negative attitude about rejection though. She tries to learn from it and use it as inspiration to continue working harder.

“I’ve been rejected for auditions four hundred times, but this one yes changed my life. What was so important was that I didn’t give up.”

Lily Brooks O’Briant/ Instagram

Full-time Student and Full-Time Actress

Lily describes herself as a very organized person. In her mind, everything has a place and she wants everything in its place. She is similar to her character, Mandy White, in this way. Both Lily and her character are “type A” personalities who enjoy organization and order. The only difference is Mandy probably doesn’t have three planners and Lily certainly does.

Lily attends Dwight Global, an online school, that offers Lily the flexibility she needs to pursue her acting career. Although some times, it gets hard to balance everything this busy girl has going on she tries not to get overly stressed. Lily appreciates the flexibility, support, and understanding, her teacher’s at Dwight Global offer.

Lily Brooks O’Briant/ Instagram

Upcoming Projects

During the COVID-19 crisis, Lily Brooks O’Briant has taken on a project all on her own. The project is called “Quaranteens”. Lily feels as though the news has not talked much about how teens are affected by the coronavirus. That’s why she began interviewing teenagers all across the
The United States on Instagram. Through the “Quaranteens” show, Lily gives kids a platform to talk about how the virus is affecting them and their lives.

Lily has such a passion for acting that she is willing to try all forms of it. Whether it be returning to the stage, continuing comedy, or pursuing drama, Lily is all for it as long as it gives her the opportunity to improve her craft.

From left to right: Raelynn Caster, Allison Munn, Juliet Donenfeld, Big Show, and Lily O’Briant
Lily Brooks O’Briant/ Instagram

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