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“The Half of It” Cast Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, & Alexxis Lemire Interview

Sarah Scoop chatted with the stars of the new Netflix film “The Half of It”, and we got the scoop on this groundbreaking project, its messages of love, and how the stars felt about being a part of such an unique movie!

“So Jazzed” About Their Characters

The Half Of It - Leah Lewis -
Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

The three leads of “The Half of It”, Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, and Alexxis Lemire, were so excited to have the opportunity to portray such culturally relevant characters in their new Netflix film.

“Even before I read the script, I remember…being so, so, so jazzed! First of all, I love rom-coms to begin with. But the fact that girl falls in love with boy who also falls in love with girl who actually kind of likes another girl is like “What?!” I was blown away. I was so excited…It’s such a unique story”.

– Leah Lewis

Explores Different Types Of Love

The Half Of It - Daniel Diemer, Leah Lewis -
Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

Love is a major theme throughout the film, but, as the cast notes, it is not restricted to just romantic relationships.

“Right from the beginning, you have this mix of romantic love that comes straight into the story, followed obviously by the love with the family. You see the different families coming into play…as the story progresses with the platonic love and the friendship…Those three are the main veins, but there’s all this intricacy in trying to figure out love for themselves as well and how to explore those different loves…”

– Daniel Diemer

A Breathe Of Fresh Air

The Half Of It - Leah Lewis, Alexxis Lemire -
Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

With quite the unconventional love triangle, “The Half of It” conveys relationships that go against the norm.

“It’s really a breath of fresh air to see a film that you really follow a platonic love, and you see Ellie and Paul’s relationship really flourish, and you see them connect. It’s so fun to watch. They’re honestly an iconic duo.”

– Alexxis Lemire

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Not Your Typical Hero

The Half Of It - Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, Collin Chou -
Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

Portraying a unique character, Leah Lewis loves that Ellie does not fit the preconceived image of the hero.

“Part of what I loved the most about this film is the fact that Ellie is the hero, but she is not the typical hero that you see being super loud and drawing attention to themselves. She is a hero…in her own story. Dude, she like takes care of her father. She holds down the fort at home. She’s getting A’s in school. She’s this full fledged human being living a full like, and I feel like stories like that need to be told.”

– Leah Lewis

Film Resonating With Viewers

The Half Of It - Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer -
Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

The film carries strong messages that so many can connect with in today’s society. Leah Lewis and Alexxis Lemire truly believe the film can shed light on important topics.

“I hope that people watch this movie and realize that love itself is most important over how people express love or who is loving”.

– Leah Lewis

“For me, I just hope that people take away, especially those who are in high school in that kind of weird, confusing time of their life, that they’re not alone, that there are other people out there who are experiencing the same things and having the same confusing scenarios happen. I hope they can watch this and really relate to someone or some part of the film.”

– Aliexxis Lemire

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