The Scoop on Blippi’s Treehouse from Amazon Kids+

Blippi’s Treehouse is an amazing new show that your curious kids will love! Let your children learn all about the world from their new friend Blippi!

This Amazon Kids+ Original is a great new live-action series for preschoolers. In each episode, children get to experience an exciting new adventure full of learning and friendship.

Here is the scoop on Blippi’s Treehouse from Amazon Kids+ and Moonbug Entertainment for Amazon Kids+.

All About Blippi’s Treehouse

Blippi’s Treehouse follows Blippi and his best friend Meekah with loads of fun adventures! Blippi appeals to parents and children alike with his friendly attitude and his bright orange and blue outfit.

In each episode, Blippi and Meekah learn all about fun things like letters and colors from accomplished guests like Jordan Sparks. Also, the treehouse gang learns fun things by exploring books in Patch’s Library Branch, singing songs while Scratch DJs, and creating inventions with Meekah in her Makerspace!

Blippi's Treehouse

In addition to learning in the treehouse, Blippi and his friends journey into the real world to apply their knowledge in fun new environments like at the museum or a race track.

The show also features an animated segment where children join Blippi on magical dream-like adventures. There are so many fun things for children to learn, so check out Blippi’s Treehouse on Amazon Kids+!

Blippi's Treehouse

All About Education

Blippi’s Treehouse places a huge focus on educating young children, so they learned how to do it right! The series’ educational consultant is Dr. Natascha Crandal. Dr. Crandal is a trained researcher, psychologist, and an expert in educational children’s entertainment!

Blippi's Treehouse

Dr. Crandal has consulted on other popular children’s shows like “Clifford the Big Red Dog”, “Gabby’s Dollhouse”, “The Backyardigans”, “The Octonauts”, “Bob the Builder.”

The show’s production team also features many accomplished names like Emmy-award winning showrunner, writer, director and producer Kristen McGregor as well as Emmy-award winning director Shannon Flynn.

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