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The Scoop On ClassPass

I am so excited to share the scoop with you on ClassPass. I have wanted to try this app out for a while now and am so happy I did.

Do you find yourself struggling to get motivated? Do you have a lot of goals for yourself and don’t know where to begin? ClassPass is the perfect thing for you. It is an easy membership that gets you active and in the gym. You have the option to either work out at home or go to a studio and choose from a bunch of different exercises.

Whether you are looking for high intensity or maybe some yoga, ClassPass is a perfect thing for you. Find different ways to utilize this membership, and any free time you may have. Whether you are working remotely and want to do a quick home workout during your lunch break or you want to go to a studio after you finish your day to end it right, you can’t go wrong with this membership.

What is ClassPass?

The ClassPass membership allows you to book in-studio classes, wellness, and live stream workouts using a credit system. As a result, ClassPass has unlocked access to 4,000 on-demand workouts that allow unlimited use!

Don’t worry about not using your credits as they do rollover. Similarly, if you have exceeded the amount you have there is the flexibility to add more. The ClassPass is an inexpensive and perfect way to get back into the workout grind! Here’s the scoop on how it works.

How It Works:

The ClassPass is a membership to help get all the best workouts. You can book a virtual class, one at a studio, or play a workout on demand, all guided by the best trainers. If you are looking for a virtual class, you can reserve a spot in one of the 40,000 classes per week.

The options are endless, you can choose from all different aspects of the class and the location it takes place at. You can explore and book a class in a different country. Similarly, if you prefer an in-person class and crave the energy from it there are also several options. If you want to try something new you can workout on demand. This lets you choose from 4,000 on-demand classes to cater to all your needs.

How To Get Started:

  1. Choose from in-studio classes, live stream classes, or on-demand workouts. After you decide, filter throughout with several options. Those including activity, time, credit value, and many more for instance.
  2. Reserve a spot through your phone or device, for any chosen workout. There are easy free cancellations if you can’t make it to the class.
  3. If you like a workout buddy, invite your friends to join in on any in-studio classes, live stream classes, or on-demand workouts.

My Thoughts on ClassPass

I have had so much fun trying out ClassPass and absolutely love being able to mix up my workouts. So far, I have only used ClassPass for the fitness section so far but definitely plan to check out the wellness, beauty, entertainment, sports and online classes. My favorite thing is being able to try new workouts that work with my schedule. I can’t wait to start traveling again and use ClassPass to discover new places!

Disclosure: I have partnered with ClassPass to share my opinion in exchange for trying out the app.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.