The Scoop on Teen Mom OG’s new moms

by Kailee Vance
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Teen Mom is back, and this time with two new moms. Last night the show’s 8th season premiered. Teen Mom OG will play every Monday night at 9/8c on MTV.

Three of the show’s original moms are back, Catelynn, Amber and Maci. Farrah, the show’s original fourth mom, was involved in some drama at the end of last season. This caused her to be kicked off the show. The three moms still involved will be continuing to tell their stories and show their struggles of having babies so young.

Two new moms have also joined the cast this season.

The first, Cheyenne, was on both MTV’s Are You the One? and The Challenge. It was on her second show, The Challenge, that she met her child’s father, Cory. At the reunion show, the two had some fun together, ending up with Cheyenne getting pregnant. Cheyenne’s, and her daughter Ryder K’s, portion of the show will chronical her struggles co-parenting with Cory and trying to find love at the same time.

The second mom, Bristol, is one of America’s most famous teen moms. After getting pregnant at 17 Bristol was in the public eye almost every day. Her mom, Sarah Palin, was running for Vice President at the time. Bristol’s story will include struggles with her husband, whom she has two daughters with and is a Veteran struggling with PTSD, her son, and love.

The first episode introduced us to these moms and started depicting their stories. I think these two moms were the perfect edition to the show, both for the shows ratings and the actual purpose of the show.

Cheyenne and Bristol bring the perfect amount of drama to the show without going overboard. And, at the same time, bring important story lines to the show as well. Cheyenne’s co-parenting brings a new aspect and allows people to see co-parenting “done right”. Bristol’s story depicts the challenges of living with and trying to help someone with mental illness. Which is an important storyline for American people right now.

Overall, I think these girls were an important addition to the cast, and I think this season of Teen Mom will be the best one yet.

Watch full episodes of the show here

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