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The Scoop on the Swann Wi-Fi Tracker Security Camera

Are you looking to add to or upgrade your home security system? Then, the Swann Wi-Fi Tracker Security Camera is just what you need. We got the scoop on the world’s first compact, non-mechanical pan-tilt indoor security camera right here!

Swann WiFi Tracker Camera

Peace of Mind

This security camera will give you peace of mind knowing that your family and home are safe. It boasts of features like auto-tracking, night vision, and 2-way audio.

Swann WiFi Tracker Camera Collage
  • The innovative auto-tracking technology lets you track and record moving objects without physically having to pan or tilt the camera.
  • You can also view the 180-degree widescreen full-room view remains onscreen via the Swann Security app. The Swann Security app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
Swann WiFi Tracker Camera
  • The two-way audio lets you greet visitors, talk to pets, or ward off intruders.
  • You also get free recording of thousands of clips. A 32GB microSD card is included with the camera.
  • It’s super easy to install, because all you need to do is plug it into power and connect through Wi-Fi. And you’re all set!
Swann WiFi Tracker Camera
  • This security cameras’ infrared night vision allows you to see in the dark up to 32ft (10m). The light automatically turns on when your house lights turn off.
  • It is designed with a slimline design with a magnetic base for indoor use. Therefore, the simple, sleek design makes your camera discreet and blend in with your home interior.
Swann WiFi Tracker Camera

Additional Security Camera Features

This security camera practically does the work for you. The pan-tilt, auto-zoom, and infrared night vision are just a few of its amazing features. The auto-zoom capability ensures any suspicious activity is kept targeted and in-focus for up to 2 objects at once within a second camera view. So, For all the amazing features you get with this camera, it is also super affordable! This camera is 10 out of 10 Sarah Scoop approved!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.