The Secret To Feeling Confident, No Matter Your Outfit

All of us would like to feel more confident in the clothes we wear, but that is often easier said than done. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many outfits you try on; nothing seems to work. It can get depressing. If only there were a way to be happy, no matter what you decide to wear. 

While there is never any guarantee that you’ll look beautiful in an outfit, there are things you can do to boost the way you feel. Check out the following ideas:

Don’t Wear Something Just Because Your Friend Looks Great In It

If you have an attractive friend who looks great in a dress, then it can sometimes be tempting to emulate them. You go to the store and buy the same outfit with the full expectation that you’ll also look incredible in it. When you finally try it on, though, you find yourself sorely disappointed. It just doesn’t look the same. 

Newsflash – it was never going to look the same on your friend as it does on you. In all likelihood, you both have entirely different body types. Whatever worked for them probably won’t for you. 

A much better approach is to choose clothes independently of your peers, choosing items that complement your body shape, not theirs. If your friend looked amazing in her dress, she probably selected something uniquely suited to her. The smartest move you could make is to do the same. 

Go With Your Gut

If you see something and it immediately strikes a chord that it will look great on you, then run with it. Your gut is usually a much better judge of what looks great on you than your head!

Ignore Size. Pay More Attention To Fit

Our culture is obsessed with sizing. You’re a “six,” a “ten” or a “sixteen” – it almost comes to define who you are. But if you ask most tailors, they’ll tell you that sizing isn’t essential. What matters most is fit. If you’re searching for prom dresses 2020, for instance, don’t just look at the number on the label – ask yourself whether the cut makes sense for your body shape. 

If you’re not sure what kind of apparel you should choose based on your body type, there are plenty of guides out there to help you. 

Always Use Accessories

Skirts, tops, and shoes are great, but unless you accessorize, your look will always fall a little short of expectations. Always add hats, scarves, rings, necklaces, and bags to add eye-popping visual appeal. 

Don’t Leave The House Uncomfortable

This last one sounds like a bit of a no-brainer. After all, who would leave the house feeling less than their best? 

Too often, though, we can force ourselves to wear something we don’t like, second-guessing ourselves along the way. Going down this path, though, is a recipe for emotional disaster. If you feel uncomfortable in your skin, you won’t enjoy yourself and ruin whatever you’re doing. As ever, take your time, and if you’re not happy, change. 

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