150 Favorite Quotes From The Super Mario Bro’s

Are you looking for the best quotes from The Super Mario’s Bro’s? Here’s the scoop on all you need to know!

In the movie The Super Mario Bro’s you will get to witness the colorful and dramatic interactions between beloved characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser.

These quotes encapsulate moments of humor, tension, and emotion, offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of this iconic video game universe.

From lighthearted banter to intense confrontations, these quotes showcase the enduring appeal of these characters and their adventures.

The Super Mario Bros movie poster features the iconic characters and adventures from the beloved video game franchise.

The Super Mario Bro’s Quotes

1. “I finally found it and now, no one can stop me!”

2. “I am so glad we spent our life savings on this commercial.”

3. “That is not a commercial. That is cinema.”

4. “Uh, what about the accents? Is it– Is it too much?

5. “Tell me, have you ever gotten one call since you left me to start your dumb company?”

6. “As a matter of fact, Spike, we have. Say that again about my brother, and you are gonna regret it.

7. “Oh yeah? Get this to your tiny brain, Mario.”

8. “Are you insane? He’s three times your size.”

9. “Oh no. We’re gonna be late.”

10. “Ow, Mario. What’re you doing?”

11. “I’m trying. I got bad knees.”

12. “Oh wow. We have hit the big time.”

13. “A first job complete.”

14. Who is a good boy?”

15. “Found the problem.”

16. It’s the Super Mario Brothers, from the TV!

17. They give an Oscar for worst actors?

18. “So everybody saw the commercial then?”

19. “Well, I thought it was incredible. It belongs in a movie theater.

20. “Everybody loves mushrooms, right?”

21. “I like mushrooms. I’ll take it.”

22. “What you were thinking with that commercial?”

23. “What? It’s supposed to be funny.”

24. “Can someone pass the bread? “

25. Yeah, but what about the outfits?”

26. “Don’t listen to them. The world laughed at da Vinci too.”

27. “I think you’re nuts. You don’t leave a steady job for some crazy dream.”

28. “You are not bringing me down.”

29. “Our whole lives, everyone’s telling us we can’t do this, we can’t do this.”

30. “I’m just sick and tired of feeling so small.”

31. “Save Brooklyn? Luigi, this is our chance.”

32. “They don’t look in the right place.”

33. “We gotta get to that pressure valve.”

34. “I know saving Brooklyn was a bad idea.”

35. Looks like nobody’s been down here for years.

36. “I’m telling you; nothing can hurt us as long as we’re together.”

37. “Uh, that is not good. Your brother has landed in the Dark Lands.”

38. “I’m actually looking for somebody. My brother, in fact. He looks exactly like me, but tall and skinny and green.”

39. “He is the most evil, wretched creature alive.”

40. I’m taking you to see the princess.”

41. He’s human! I mean, you are a human, right?”

42. Me and my brother little brother, Luigi, fell down this pipe.

43.” it’s only a matter of time until he’s captured by Bowser.”

44. “You are in luck. I’m on my way to stop him.”

45. “This guy’s a lunatic.”

46. He will eat you for breakfast.”

47. “He won’t even notice it, probably, because you are very, very small. “

48.” You know what? Make fun of me all you want.”

49. “We have a long journey ahead of us, Mustache.”

50. “You almost did. No one gets it right away.”

51. “I got it right away, but I grew up here. you’re just trying to make me feel better.”

52. “Whatever these things are. After years of searching for the Super Star, it is finally ours.

53. “I am now the most powerful turtle in the world.”

54. Where, after years of being sown enemies, I will ask their princess to marry me in a fairy-tale wedding!

55. “I will power up with this star and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom.?

56. “You don’t seem like you’re from here.”

57. “I will never let anyone ruin this.”

58. I don’t know where I’m from.

59. “Hey, maybe you are from my world.”

60. “There is a huge universe out there.”

61.”We found him in the Dark Lands.”

Two Super Mario Bros characters standing in front of a bus.

62. “Leave him to me.”

63. “I’m about to marry a princess and rule the world.”

64. “There is a human traveling with my fiancé.”

65. “Do you think I know every human being with a mustache.”

66. “The is my brother, Mario, and he is the best guy in the world.”

67. “We will see how tough Mario is when he watches me kill his brother.”

68. “Please. We are depressed enough.”

69. “There is gotta be a way outta here.”

70. “There is no escape. The only hope is the sweet relief of death.”

71. “We are here to see the king.”

72. “That gorilla’s wearing a sports coat.”

73. “If the Mushroom Kingdom falls, the Jungle Kingdom is next.”

74. “We are not leaving without your army.”

75. “You want my army so badly, defeat my son in the Great Ring of Kong!”

76. “This is a really, really bad idea.”

77. “You, Sir, have a deal. I’ll fight your son.”

78. “I guess he got the wrong Mushroom.”

79. “Get up Mario.”

80. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

81. “That’s my best friend.”

82. “That was incredible.”

83. “He kept beating you senseless.”

84. “You just don’t know when to quit.”

85. “Huh! Well, never thought of that as a good thing.”

86. “I let him win. Just for the records.”

87. “You wanna know why? It’s mind your own business. “

88. “We have located Bowser’s ship.”

89. “He is goanna arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom by sundown.”

90. “Lucky for you guys, I got a shortcut.”

91. “We beat him there and ambush him.”

92. “We are gonna need Karts!”

93. “To the Mushroom Kingdom and the biggest fight of our lives.”

94. Princess Peach, here we are.

95. “I guess love her makes a guy come out of his shell.”

96. “We found the princess and the mustachioed human.”

97. “We have defeated Donkey Kong and won the Kong army.”

98. “They are heading toward their secret passage.”

99. “Um, no one panics, but the road is about to end.”

100. “Well, then you better step on the gas and buckle up.”

101. “Um, no one panic, but the road is about to end.”

102. “Well, then you better step on the gas and buckle up.”

103. We don’t drive on rainbows.

104. “Eh, come to Brooklyn. I’ll buy you a turtle.”

105. “You are so embarrassing. A princess would never go out with you.”

106. “Yes, she would. I guarantee she would.”

107. “It is an ambush!”

108. Mario, you are a dead man.”

109. “I’m too cute to die. “

110. “That is how you princess!”

111. “Time to die, Mario.”

112. “You can’t escape me!”

113. “Get your clown claws off me!”

114. We have to get home.”

115. “This is your fault.”

116. “My fault? You’re the one who.”

117. “Stop talking! I don’t want the last thing I hear before I die to be you.”

118. “Mario, you saved my life.”

119. “I won’t tell anyone.”

120. “Did you just feel something?”

121. “Bowser’s on his way. You have to evacuate.”

122. “Hurry! get out of the city!”

Super Mario Bros characters standing next to each other.

123. “We lost the army.”

124. “Bowser is coming.”

125. “Head into the forest. I’ll buy you some time.”

126. “You heard her. Evacuate the city.”

127. “Go with the others. “

128. “I said I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you.”

129. “Just leave it! There is no time!”

130. “Princess Peach. Brave as ever.”

131. “As you can see. I have the Superstar. “

132. “If you are going to use it, use it now.”

133. “No princess. I stole the star for us.

134. “I guess love really makes a guy come out of his shell.”

135. “I told you that line wouldn’t work.”

136,. “You are doing great.”

137. “Peach, with this star, we will be invincible.”

138. “We can rule the world together.”

139. “Marry you? Are you insane?”

140. “I would never marry you.”

141. “Maybe you should reconsider.”

142. “I’ll marry you. Just don’t hurt my toads.”

143. “You have my words.”

144. “There is no sunshine. Only darkness.”

145. You don’t deserve this, but you are invited to the royal wedding!”

146. “Being slowly digested by an eel, next to an idiot in overalls.”

147. “Well, at least your brother isn’t gonna die because of you.”

148. “At least you are not gonna die with your dad thinking you are a joke.”

149. “Yeah, well, my dad thinks I’m a joke too.”

150. “You know what? I feel bad enough.”

Super Mario Quotes

This collection of quotes features interactions between characters from a Mario-themed story, showcasing moments of humor, tension, and emotion.

From lighthearted banter to intense confrontations, these quotes highlight the dynamic nature of the characters and their adventures.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these quotes from The Super Mario Bros!

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