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“The Terminal List” is a Dark Force to be Reckoned With- TV Series Review

James Reece (Chris Pratt) returns home after surviving an ambush placed on him and his entire unit of Navy SEALs. Once he reunites with his family, James begins to realize that dark forces are working against him that could threaten the people he loves the most. An action-filled drama with the aftermath of war and death, The Terminal List offers a taste for revenge based on the novel by Jack Carr.

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Haunting Memories

Lauren and James in the terminal list
Amazon Studios

Other than the explosive revenge scenes, The Terminal List soaks up the memories James Reece has with his family. The replay of one particular memory becomes the stimulus that makes it difficult for him to tell the difference between memories and reality. His overflow of memories and amnesia causes him to fall short when recalling the time period of certain events. When confronted by a journalist at a bar, James starts to question his sanity and the reason behind the tragic ambush.

Finding Out The Truth

Katie Buranek
Amazon Studios

Once James Reece finds out that he is a victim of an experiment, the veil of revenge takes over. Reece becomes merciless and goes on a rampage to destroy the lives of the people involved. The cat and mouse game becomes a prominent theme until the relentless commander steps down. James is forced to come to terms with the truth and has to make a shocking decision while his life is a ticking time bomb. After going through his list of suspects, he finally lets go of the paper in the Pacific Ocean.

Final Thoughts

James Reece the terminal list
Amazon Studios

Directed by MJ Bassett, The Terminal List is a chase that refuses to falter until the very last episode of the eight-episode series. Drawing in memories of James Reece’s family and his men in the Navy SEALs makes us realize that life is fragile and can be stripped away from us at any moment. But the overarching theme of revenge begins to run cold as James steps closer to the truth. The audience is pulled to the commander’s side at first due to the loss of everyone around him, but his vengeful tactics become even more brutal to the point that James becomes ambiguous.

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