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The Top 20 Things to do on a Snowday

For those of you that have experienced snow days, you know that they can get a little boring. It’s hard to be stuck inside all day with nothing to do. This is why we are giving you twenty fun things to do inside and around your home. Your seemingly boring day will turn out to be super productive and fun!

1.Take out all of your board games and have a board game marathon. The loser has to clean the dishes, or do some other chore!

2. Spend the day cooking an elaborate recipe. Such as bouillabaisse or pho?

3. Write your own short stories. Sometimes it’s fun to post them on Reddit and get feedback. Reddit No Sleep (r/Nosleep) is a great place to share your short horror stories.

4. Spend some quality time with your pet. Go ahead and grab some of their favorite toys and play with them. You work enough as it is, why not give them some extra affection?

5. Make your own makeup. Check out how to make some super cute Mermaid Lip Balm here.

6. List some of your unwanted clothing or accessories online. You can use websites such as Mercari or Poshmark to post all of your unwanted clothes and make some extra cash.

7. Have some fun with Paper Mâché. If you’d like to learn how to make some interesting dinosaur eggs from Paper Mâché, click here. Your kids will love helping you.

8. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon while drinking some HP themed cocktails. Here is a Ravenclaw cocktail as well as a Gryffindor Cocktail.

9. Do some online shopping. Wish is a great place to shop because everything is super cheap and you won’t feel bad because you’ll barely be spending any money.

10. Have a in-home spa day. Put on a face mask and take a bubble bath or enjoy a bath bomb. Lush has a great selection of products that will have you feeling like royalty. I recommend the Intergalactic bath bomb.

11. Make your own stickers. Making stickers is so much fun. You can literally go on the internet and find any image you want and make it into a cool sticker. All you’ll need is a printer, ink, and sticker paper.

12. Do some yoga. Grab your yoga mat and find a new routine on Youtube. You’ll be feeling energized and happy after working out.

13. Organize your makeup. It may been boring and tedious but imagine how proud you’ll feel when your makeup is looking beautiful and organized!

14. Get invested in an older show. There are so many new shows out there but have you ever watched any of the classics? Why not try out Three’s Comapany, I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, or any other older show. Your friends will be impressed with how much you know.

15. Make some slime. Not only is making slime fun but it’s also fun to play with. You’ll love making this unicorn slime with your family.

16. Spend some time creating the most perfect and fashion-forward nail polish designs. There are so many endless possibilities of what you can do. Here are a few examples to get you started.

17. Take the 16 Personalities quiz to figure out what kind of person you are. These quizzes are extremely accurate and thorough-you’ll be shocked at the results.

18. Try and break a world record. It sounds silly but it’s a pretty fun way to spend your day. Maybe you’ll be able to jump the highest? Or do the most push ups? The ideas are unlimited.

19. Read a genre of book that you’ve never read before. For instance, if you usually read fantasy, try out a mystery book. Here are just a few great books to read: The Late Hector Kipling by David Thewlis,  Destiny of the Republic by Candace Millard, and Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

20. Maybe you’re just tired of being stuck. In that case, go ahead and go outside and make a snowman or go sledding around your neighborhood.

Hopefully you’ll find something fun and exciting on this list that will keep you busy on those cold snow days where you’re bored out of your mind. Are you planning on doing any of these activities?

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