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The Top 30 Best Vacuums For Long Hair (2023)

If you are looking for the best vacuum for long hair because you are tired of seeing pet hair, family hair, and even your own hair everywhere, you are in luck. We have the best buying guide so you can choose the perfect vacuum cleaner for you.

It is very important to always keep in mind when buying a vacuum cleaner that it should be able to pick up long or short hairs even if they are human or pet hair. In order to do so, the vacuum must have special functions so that when it starts to suck in all the dirt possible it can clean correctly, without leaving traces or getting stuck easily.

Good news! Here you will find the best scoop on different types of vacuum cleaners such as upright, cordless, bagless, with bags, robot, canister, and compact handheld vacuum that work specifically to effectively remove that annoying hair in order to make your place look clean and neat as you like.

Here is the scoop on the best vacuum for long hair!

What to Look For in A Vacuum

  • Suction power. Always take a look at how many Air Watts the vacuum has in order to measure its power and make sure that the one you purchase has more that 100 AW. This is so it can deeply suction the most embedded and stuck hairs.
  • Good quality filter. While you are using the vacuum it is important that the dust and all particles stay sealed inside of the dust tank, so you can prevent the spread of bacteria. For this reason, it is recommended to check that the air filter of the vacuum is HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) in order to trap and retain at least around 99.95% of all types of particles. 
  • Strong brushroll. It is very helpful to find a vacuum cleaner with a potent brushroll bar so that the long hairs don’t get easily wrapped and tangled. There are many pet vacuums that are engineered with a special self-cleaning brush roll that really eases its use and extends the product durability.  
  • Cleaning attachments. Sometimes to make cleaning easier and neat, it is essential to find an attachment feature that can reach tight, narrow, high, and curvy spaces. The majority of the vacuums for long hair mentioned below come with different tools such as, dusting brush, combination tool, stair tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, extendable hose, among others tools that will help you a lot to clean better those areas and save time.

1. BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum, 2191U

Bissel is one of the best vacuum cleaners brands in the market and it is very well known by many people that are interested in having a good quality vacuum at a variety of prices.

They have a wide range of vacuums that serve for different purposes. In this case, the Bissell PowerForce Helix is an excellent vacuum with sufficient power to clean up long or short hair at a very affordable price.

This vacuum is lightweight, has a large capacity dirt tank even though it does not have a bag, it stands upright, and it is available in purple and blue. This is by far the best vacuum for long hair!

2. BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum – 2316

The BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum – 2316 is another of the Bissell bagless vacuum cleaners that is very popular and specially designed for pet owners. It can easily pick up long strands of hair thanks to its suction power, triple-action brush roll and scatter-free technology.

The Swivel steering light design makes it an excellent choice to clean on corners, under the furniture, hard floors or high-pile carpets because it has a feature that adjusts the height of the brushroll in order to adapt to any surface taking care of the most delicate floors.

In addition to that, the dirt container is very easy to empty. Also, it is an upright vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle!

3. Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Pet 

If you are looking for more options of pet vacuums that can also do a great job on cleaning all the surfaces and corners of the house, then the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Pet is a good choice for you.

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Pet

It has great features to perform different tasks such as an extendable hose in order to-reach areas above the floor that are hard to clean and a self-cleaning brush roll with a beater bar which is great to prevent long human hair from getting wrapped and tangled.

This handheld vacuum also comes with a smart seal allergen system, HEPA filter to trap any dust particles inside of its large capacity tank. In addition to everything mentioned above, this vacuum cleaner is very light and easy to use.

4. Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel 

Whether or not you have pets in your home, the vacuum cleaners that are designed to clean up after heavy dog or cat hair shedding are the most convenient and powerful when it comes to any cleaning purposes, especially for long hair.

The Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel has the perfect features that will diminish your cleaning effort because it includes multi-purpose tools such as a pet upholstery tool, a crevice tool and a dusting brush that can be used to remove the most stubborn long pet hair and smaller particles.

Also, it has a 13 ft built in extensor stick to reach tackle or high areas. It promises to have 3 times longer lasting suction than other vacuums and has a sealed allergen system with HEPA filtration. 

5. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Iron/Purple

This is also one of the best vacuums for long hair and many cleaning purposes. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuums are known to have one of the most powerful motors with such a strong suction of 306 Air Watts!

This vacuum has a technology that easily adapts to any large area for the ease of use such as bare floors, carpets, and hardwood floors, making it run smoothly over any flat surfaces. Its purchase includes a dusting brush tool, hose, crevice tool, and a large thin tool to clean tight spaces that are difficult to reach.

It is claimed to have the most powerful suction motor of all Dyson vacuums, has a reasonable price, and has great customer reviews.

6. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Upright Vacuum – 2087

Up next, we have another famous Bissell as one of the best vacuums for long hair. This Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum is so practical because it has very important factors that help clean long pet hair, even if it is tangled or stuck on carpets and furniture.

As its own name mentioned, this vacuum definitely erases any dust or hairs because it features a tangle-free brush roll to prevent hair wrapping and building on the bristles, built-in extended wand, upholstery tool, stair tool, and more cleaner head accessories. In addition, this great vacuum has a smart seal allergen system HEPA filter paired with Febreze which eliminates bad smells, keeping the air fresh and clean.

It is also a 2 in 1 vacuum because it gives you the possibility to detach the canister vacuum part to make it more practical and easy to lift up and clean areas that are difficult to reach. There is also a hands-free empty feature to dispose of the trash.

7. Kenmore DU2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum 2-Motor Power Suction

This Kenmore Bagless Upright is another type of vacuum that comes with a 3 in 1 combination tool and other helpful accessories that serve as cleaning pet tools at a very good price.

It might look like a regular vacuum but it has 2 high suction strength motors, HEPA filter system to trap all the small particles, LED headlights to find the hidden dust easily, extra large capacity on the dust holder, and it is lightweight which makes it easy to maneuver.

This vacuum has key features that make it one of the best vacuums for long hair as well, and you can find it in different colors on Amazon.

8. Kenmore AllergenSeal Upright Vacuum – DU2012

This is another top pick option from Kenmore vacuums available at Target stores. It is an upright vacuum that weighs less than 14 lbs. which helps you clean carpets and hard surfaces more efficiently.

The Kenmore AllergenSeal vacuum of course has complete seal and technology in order to ensure that the air stays clean, a 10 inch hose to reach high areas, swivel steering to reach the crevasses and corners, HEPA filtration, a 2 motor system that easily sucks all the unwanted dust, short or long hair, and works with a power cord.

9. Eureka NEU182B PowerSpeed

The Eureka NEU182B PowerSpeed is an upright vacuum cleaner available on amazon at a very affordable price for less than $80 dollars that has a very good suction strength. This great vacuum features 5 different height adjustments so it can smoothly work either on hardwood floors without scratching them or on high-pile fancy carpets.

It weighs 10 lbs which makes it very easy to use and carry around the big areas of the house. In addition, it has a very large dust cup and the vacuum includes a 7 inch crevice tool, upholstery tool to reach things above the floor, and a dusting brush. This vacuum is definitely a great option for cleaning up long hair.

10. Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum

This is one of the most well known cordless vacuum cleaners in the industry. The Dyson vacuums are extremely powerful, trusty, and durable. The Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum is definitely one of the best vacuums for long hair because it has a compact design, is practical, and versatile.

Moreover, this wonder has a rechargeable battery power that with a single charge it can last up to 40 min. It is super convenient to use for cleaning the long human hairs and pet hairs left in the car as well as interior surfaces.

It is possible to adjust, change or combine the cleaning head part in order to pick up as much hair or any other clutter we might have in our living spaces.

11. Tineco Pure One S11 Spartan Cordless Smart Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to the most recent technology gadgets, we have this good vacuum named Tineco Pure one S11. This is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that is similar to the Dyson V8 but featuring more technology elements.

For example, it has a a touch round screen at the top to control the machine, sensors that can detect hidden dirt, hair, dander, and pollen. You can also select and adjust your desired suction power.

Also, you can download its own Tineco app to your smartphone in order to schedule cleaning remainders and starting times, have real time cleaning reports, and see the performance and maintenance of the vacuum.

The full charge of the battery can run up to 40 min in auto-mode and it is possible to convert the handheld vacuum to different sizes for different cleaning purposes using the included attachments. This is one of the best choices for a long hair vacuum cleaner if you love technology.

12. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum 

This Dyson V11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum might look very similar to the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner mentioned above but they are different because this one is more technological, and has more key cleaning features that make your life simpler.

It claims to be the most intelligent Dyson vacuum of all, has a LCD screen that gives you cleaning reports, maintenance alerts, and remaining running time which can last up to 60 minutes depending on the selected power modes that are Eco, Auto, and Boost with one single charge!

Moreover, its high torque cleaner head adapts the suction power to deeply clean all the different floors and surfaces automatically. This Dyson marvel comes with 5 cleaning tools in order to remove the most stubborn hairs and other particles as well as a wall mount charger.

This is the best vacuum for long hair and more!

13. EUREKA RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is the best budget cordless vacuum cleaner for long hair available on Amazon. It has a great powered lift which completes an efficient cleaning and the lithium ion battery holds for a reasonable long time. The Eureka Rapid Clean Pro is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

This vacuum lays down flat for easy cleaning under the furniture and includes a crevice tool and a dusting brush bar. It also has a cyclonic filtration system that separates the tiny dust particles from larger particles which is a very important thing when you want to find an object that the vacuum might have sucked.

14. Tineco Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum 

The Tineco Cordless Wet Dry vacuum cleaner has almost all of the best features that you can ask for in one single product. It is cordless which is very practical and convenient because you can easily go around all your house and car. Also it has an excellent suction force that at the same time cleans deeply using water or a special liquid product giving you the best experience.

This handheld cordless vacuum has two water tanks to separate the dirty from the clean, as well as a one-touch self cleaning feature so you don’t take extra time maintaining the machine. Moreover, it also includes HEPA filter, a bottle of cleaning solution, the charging base, and a brush roller. You can find this excellent vacuum at a fair price on Amazon.

15. INSE S6P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Another great vacuum is the INSE S6P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. If you are doing an extensive deep cleaning day at your home, you don’t have to wait to charge the battery to continue cleaning.

The Inse S6P Cordless vacuum cleaner also includes accessories which can be used to make 10 combination tools and the whole vacuum is super lightweight. It has a powerful suction that can be used on carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, cars, furniture, and more.

Thanks to its multi-cyclonic suction system, the filter can easily detain small particles of dust while delivering clean air.

16. Laresar Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 25KPA with Foldable Tube

Using the Laresar Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 25KPA with Foldable Tube makes it very easy to store, it is super practical, compact and convenient. Besides these characteristics and the fact that it is cordless, this great vacuum has a powerful suction system and long lasting battery that can be fully charged in less than 4 hours.

The vacuum performs very well on flat floors, hard floors, carpet, car interiors, and more. Thanks to its folding feature you can easily clean under furniture without bending your back too much, also held by the LED headlights that allows you to see much better and locate dirt quickly.

It counts with an HEPA filter, a washable sponge filter, a brush head, long crevice tool, upholstery tool, filter replacement, and a wall mount charger and holder.

17. BISSELL Crosswave All in One 

This Bissell Crosswave All in One Vacuum cleaner is a dream come true because you are going to be able to vacuum the house, collect human hair, pet hair, dust, and at the same time you will be mopping. It is a wonder! 

This is a multi-surface cleaning vacuum that will definitely shorten your cleaning time so you can focus more on spending time with the family and pets. The Crosswave all in one Vacuum features two water containers in order to separate the clean water from the dirty giving you a correct and clean performance as well as using a dual action inserted microfiber and Nylon brush roll that ensures a proper clean.

18. Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean

Up next, we have one of the most wanted vacuums in the recent years, the Shark APEX az1002 DuoClean is considered to be one of the best vacuums for long hair and overall cleaning because it has a Dual brush roll system that deep cleans hard and carpet surfaces as well as giving a polished look.

Moreover, the brush roll has a tangle-free turbine tool that prevents long hairs from getting stuck on its self-cleaning brush. The vacuum has anti-allergen seal technology, HEPA filter, it is not too loud, it is easy to use, and runs smooth over any floors.

In addition to that, it has a manual switch that can be used depending on the type of floors to easily glide over. It stands upright and includes many detachable tools.

19. Shark® APEX® DuoClean® ZS360 

This Shark APEX DuoClean ZS360 vacuum is very similar to the Apex mentioned above but smaller, compact and at a cheaper price.

This great vacuum also features duo clean technology that catches up large human hairs or long pet hairs with no problem from the floors, using its self-cleaning brush roll and the zero-m technology that prevents hair wrap.

This stick vacuum is lightweight, can be detachable to use smaller tools and clean above the surface and reach different areas. Without a doubt this is another of the options for the best vacuum for long hair.

20. Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum with Lidar Navigation

Now, if you are looking for this type of robot vacuum, we have this great option for you. This Roborook S4 Max Robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect way to clean hands free. This is because it gives you the ability to control schedules, the area where you want to clean, the no clean zones, and more using its app from your phone.

The important thing is that this vacuum has a very long battery life, and can clean for almost 3 hours continuously. In addition to all that, it also has a strong suction power and has smart recharging.

21. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity

Another of the best vacuums for long hair is the iRobot Roomba 675. This robot vacuum can be controlled with Alexa and Google assistant which is very convenient because you just have to tell it to, and the vacuum will start or stop working!

Its 3-stage cleaning system and multiple brushes can pick up from small particles to long hairs, it can adjust to the height of the floors or carpets, it has a 6 liter capacity for dust. It has smart sensors that adjust precisely to the floors and corners of your home, has a dirt detector technology to provide additional cleaning on the spaces that is needed to spend more time.

You can also schedule cleaning times so you can have more time to relax. This is the best robot vacuum in the market.

22. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner but wallet friendly, then the ILIFE v3s Pro is the best vacuum for you. Besides that it has a very nice design and color. It works very well and its price is very accessible.

It is slim, has a tangle-free pet hair system, works great on hardwood floors, cleaning carpets, high-pile carpets, and more. It has a battery life of up to 100 minutes and before reaching those minutes it goes back to recharge.

This vacuum includes an easy to use remote control, a replaceable filter, and a charger. Take a look at this affordable option available on Amazon.

23. Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum

This Shark IQ Robot vacuum is one of the best vacuums for long hair because it features a self-cleaning brushroll to prevent hair wrap. It has an incredible suction power that deep cleans short or high-pile carpets, has a large dust cup, HEPA filter that efficiently stops bacteria and allergen spread.

This Robot vacuum can be controlled by a phone app or voice, and with the aid of its IQ navigation technology it has the ability to map every room of your house so you can choose which room to clean and at what time. These types of vacuum cleaners are your best friend when you are busy with other things and you do not have the time to clean yourself so often, therefore you will always keep your environment clean!

24. Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister 

This Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister vacuum cleaner is the perfect canister type of vacuum for professional use or when you are a puppy/cat lover and have many at home. This vacuum is also great for those that suffer from allergies and want to take an extra steep on cleaning all the dust and hairs.

It is small but has a powerful suction motor, comes with 16 genuine filter bags, 1 hepa air filter, 4 pre-motor protection filters, 3 floor brushes to attach on the stick and reach difficult areas. It is very easy to carry and maneuver because it has a 90 degrees rotation. This is simply one of the best vacuums for long hair. 

25. Kenmore BC3005 Pet Friendly Canister Vacuum

This is another canister style vacuum that is pet friendly and has enough suction power to lift and clean up wrapped embedded hair in a breeze. The Kenmore BC3005 Pet Friendly Canister Vacuum uses bags to dispense the dirt, comes with HEPA filter, crevice tool, and a long detachable handle for easy access to tight spaces.

Furthermore, this vacuum has a wand that releases the upholstery in order to clean the ceiling or other large areas above the floor and the power cord is retractable. It works excellent on hard floors, stairs, carpets, high-pile rugs, and more surfaces. All of this is available on Amazon for less than $280 dollars.

26. Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum

This is one of the canister vacuum cleaners that is more modern because it is bagless but it has a large 2.5 liter dust container which makes it very convenient. The Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister vacuum weighs less than 8lbs which makes it easy to maneuver.

Also, it has an integrated long crevice tool in the hose four your convenience to pull it out whenever you need, and you can also attach the dusting brush. In addition to that, the power cord can rewind automatically and with the ease of one button you can release the dust inside of its 2.5 liter container.

Lastly, it has a dual-cyclone system that traps small particles, very high suction power, and a switch that adjust to surfaces such as carpet, upholstery and hard floors. This vacuum is truly great!

27. Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

Again, another recognized Dyson vacuum featuring the canister style. The Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum has a capacity of almost 2 liters. Also, it has a cord length of 21 feet which is very convenient to move around the cleaning area, and a simple push down dirt ejector so you don’t have to touch the trash with your bare hands.

It also features a carbon fiber turbine tool for every floor type, an articulated handle for easy maneuver, and a seal tight allergen system with HEPA filtration.

This Dyson vacuum achieved the highest score for its ease of use, styling and appearance, features, and warranty. This is the only canister vacuum that self-rights or gets back up when topped thanks to its unique ball design.

28. Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact 

The Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact is a lightweight, small, easy to use vacuum that deeply cleans carpets and hard floor surfaces using water at the same time! It’s available at an accessible price. It also features a faster drying technology using a little heat in order to dry out the surface as fast as possible so you can continue with your daily tasks.

This vacuum is very strong and can pick up the most tangled long hairs stuck on high-pile carpets as well as washing them. It is an excellent product to have because it always delivers a great cleaning experience.

29. Shark CH951 Cordless Handheld Vacuum UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus

This is a super powerful and convenient handheld vacuum cleaner. The Shark CH951 Cordless is the type of vacuum that you can carry anywhere, during a road trip, long stay vacation with your pet, visiting your family, etc. If you don’t want to leave traces of hair this is the vacuum for you.

It comes with a washable filter, a hands-free dust ejector, a large dust container, a crevice tool and a cleaning brush tool. It is super lightweight but has a strung suction power, self-cleaning brush roll and lithium ion battery technology. This is another great vacuum for long hair!

30. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum for Pets

Another handheld vacuum cleaner that is specially engineered for pets is the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum for Pets. Even if you don’t have any animals, this great vacuum is super powerful, compact, and convenient to carry with you anywhere. It has rubber bristles on a wide brush roll that prevents pet hair and human hair from getting tangled and stuck.

It features an internal long crevice tool that easily pulls out from the vacuum in order to reach small places and in between furniture or car seats. Moreover, this great vacuum is cordless, the battery life runs for a very long time powered by a lithium ion battery.

It claims to have up to 4 times more suction power than other regular handheld vacuums. That is the reason why it is one of the best vacuums for long hair.

We know that buying a vacuum can be a difficult decision because we are facing a somewhat heavy expense but this is an investing tool that will last you for a very long time if you pick the right one.

Thankfully we are here to give you a complete and informed analysis of a great variety of different types of vacuum cleaners with the finality to find the best vacuum for long hair that suits you and hopefully will lead you to take the most convenient decision so that every cent you spend will be really worth it. 

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