The Two Best Green Screens For Content Creators

With the current changing times of virtual work and education, a Valera green screen is perfect to use on your Zoom meetings. Social media and personal platforms are on the rise and a green screen would surely take your videos to the next level. These green screens can transform your work into something extremely professional.

What I like about the screens is that the fabric is taut and tight. They are not flowy so there will be no wrinkles interfering. Once again bringing in the professional aspect.

There are two models, Explorer which comes in two different sizes, and Creator 95. The main difference is Explorer is standing with a tripod and Creator 95 is standing on the floor.


Explorer is the first mobile screen to have a tripod. It makes it easy to bring on the go and adjust the height to accommodate what you need.

The explorer comes in two different sizes. The 70″ model priced at $129 and the 90″ model can be purchased for $149. The screen is height adjustable which is a very accomodating key feature. It is nice to be able to adjust the screen to a person’s height.

Wheater you are filming your videos for landscape or portrait orientations the explorer allows you to do both. This is an excellent feature, the screen can accommodate the content you are creating instead of you adjusting your video to fit the screen.

The screen weighs less than 8 lbs and is easy to set up. t’s nice that the screen is so light especially if you are on your own, with other equipment, it is much less of a hassle. This screen is super easy to set up and can be done in just two minutes. Simply stretch the screen over the arms and extend the tripod, that’s it!

Another great feature is that the screen includes a carrying bag. If you are on the move with your equipment a carrying bag allows you to easily pack up and transport your screen wherever you may need it!

Creator 95

The Creator 95 ($149) is collapsible and portable. It rolls up into its own case and takes seconds to set up. This green screen is great for on-the-go creators and those focused especially on filming horizontal videos for social media.

It measures 59″ x 75″ in size and offers a very large surface area. This is especially nice for projects that require more movement room so you won’t have to worry about shooting off the screen.

With a built-in handle, it is convenient to grab and go where your videos take you. Although this may be a big item, the handle allows you to easily carry it with no problem and it weighs less than 11 lbs.

Valera designers put much thought and effort into making their products as comfortable and efficient as possible for their customers. The screens are extremely easy to use, set up, and carry. I love a company that values its customers as much as Valera does!

The Valera green screens are perfect for anyone who does any type of broadcasting, streaming, business meetings, and any kind of video recording. Both the explorer and the creator 95 are going to take your videos to another level and are perfect green screens for content creators.

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