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The Ultimate List of the Best Shows to Marathon-Watch on Hulu

With so many streaming platforms available, some of them often get left in the dust. Since Netflix usually reigns supreme, Hulu can sometimes be forgotten about. However, Hulu still has plenty of great TV shows just waiting to be watched.

But, to help you find the perfect series, here are our picks for the 5 best shows to binge watch on Hulu:

1. “Drunk History”

Whether you’re a history buff or not, “Drunk History” is a perfectly binge-able series. The show has a simple algorithm. The host explores different U.S. cities and finds a willing drunk volunteer to explain a historical event. Of course, the history isn’t always completely accurate, but these details make the show hilarious. Hulu has all 6 seasons, and each episode is about 30 minutes. So, if you want an easy laugh, “Drunk History” would be a good watch.

2. “Mrs. America”

Now, this show has been racking up some serious critical acclaim since its release on Hulu. “Mrs. America” explores the women behind the Equal Rights Amendment and the second-wave feminism of the ’70s. It has a star-studded cast, including Uzo Aduba, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, and Elizabeth Banks. The show covers some significant topics that plague our society and spotlight some of our country’s most important women. “Mrs. America” has 9 episodes, each an hour long.

3. “Normal People”

In a romantic mood? Well, Hulu’s “Normal People” should give you your fix. This Irish series follows a boy and a girl from the same small town who weave in and out of each others lives. The show reflects a “When Harry Met Sally” sort of situation, dealing with the trappings of intimacy and growing up. “Normal People” has one season with 12 episodes.

4. “DAVE”

If you’re completely unsure of what to watch, “DAVE” could be a good option for you. The series mixes comedy, some drama, and a bit of real-life into it. “DAVE” follows the half fictional-half real life of Dave Burd, better known as Lil Dicky. Throughout the show, Dave goes on a quest to become a successful rapper, enlisting his doubtful friends to help him. “DAVE” has 10 episodes, each 30 minutes long on Hulu.

5. “Love, Victor”

Lastly, we have “Love, Victor.” Similar to “Normal People”, this series has a serious focus on romance. However, there’s a bit more fluffy fun to it. Plus, it has some connections to the 2018 film, “Love, Simon.This sweet show tells the story of Victor, a new kid at school who struggles with his sexuality and self-discovery. “Love, Victor” has 10 episodes on Hulu.

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So, when you’re craving a good old binge watch but don’t know where to look, Hulu has you covered. With so many different types of short series to watch, you’ll never be bored. Let us know which show you pick!

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Friday 28th of August 2020

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