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The “Unsolved Mysteries” Revival Is Perfect for True Crime Fans

The logo for the "Unsolved Mysteries" revival on Netflix
“Unsolved Mysteries” New Logo, Courtesy of Netflix

This month, Netflix released a reboot of the beloved true-crime series, Unsolved Mysteries. From 1987 to 2010, Unsolved Mysteries dove deep into some of the world’s most mysterious unsolved cases. These crimes range from murders to disappearances, and even to the supernatural. The show has seen a variety of reboots and spin-offs, however, Netflix’s revival offers six enticing and disturbing episodes.

The Cases

Unsolved Mysteries provides six episodes that delve into seriously mysterious cases. We get to see in-depth interviews with family, friends, and investigators connected to the victims. Also, they provide pictures of the victims and sometimes even photos of their crime scenes. What makes Unsolved Mysteries stand out among the endless true crime shows out right now, is that each of the cases really leaves you wondering. Of course, the show offers some theories, but in the end, there’s no solid conclusion. Whether it’s a suspicious note left behind or a client that canceled at the worst time, audiences will think about these cases for a long time.

The Diversity

Additionally, Unsolved Mysteries offers a very diverse look at true crime. Each episode’s victim is much different from the last. The show explores victims of different races, nationalities, genders, and social classes. Plus, we explore whole areas like Massachusetts or France. The most stunning example of diversity is probably the differences between cases though. In only a few episodes we see a possible murder covered up as a suicide, a familicide, and UFOs among other things.

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The Aftermath

At the end of each episode, Unsolved Mysteries asks audiences to go to if they have any tips about these cases. And although the series has been out for a little over a week, there are apparently already reliable leads coming in. As an audience member, it is incredibly sad to witness the crimes committed in each episode, so it feels enlightening to know that this series could bring light to cold cases. Not to mention, it might also provide answers to the most mysterious clues that leave audience members scratching their heads.

In Conclusion

Overall, Unsolved Mysteries is a prime example of quality true crime television. Not only did it capture audiences and leave them wondering, but it also makes an effort to solve the cases they put so much time into exploring. It is definitely a new show on Netflix that we would recommend checking out. And perhaps there’s even hope for a season two!

Let us know what you think of Unsolved Mysteries! Are there any other true crime shows that you think deserve some attention?

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