The “You Should Have Left” Trailer Will Leave You Afraid of Your Own Shadow

Blumhouse Productions has produced some of the scariest movies of the past decade, including Sinister, Get Out and The Invisible Man, just to name a few. Producer Jason Blum consistently delivers scares that actually make viewers jump out of their seats. His new movie You Should Have Left looks no different.

Available On Demand everywhere on June 18th, You Should Have Left follows a couple looking for a restful vacation to mend their strained relationship. Theo (Kevin Bacon) and Susanna (Amanda Seyfried) book a trip to a beautiful, isolated home in the Welsh countryside to relax with their daughter, Ella (Avery Essex). Before long, their idyllic vacation turns into a nightmare when Theo loses his grasp on reality and sinister forces within the house reveal themselves. The family will come to find out that secrets follow you and demand a reckoning.

You Should Have Left is based upon the best-selling novel of the same name, written by German literary marvel Daniel Kehlmann. Additionally, David Koepp, the legendary screenwriter behind titles like Jurassic Park and Mission: Impossible, directed and wrote the film. When you add a master of fear like Jason Blum (The Purge and Halloween franchises) to the mix, you come away with possibly the scariest movie of the year.

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Horror

In Blumhouse’s characteristic style, the trailer for You Should Have Left is filled to the brim with dark, eerie colors, shadowy figures, and a spine-tingling soundtrack. This film won’t be for the faint of heart. Similar to The Invisible Man, You Should Have Left illustrates horrifying occurrences beyond the realm of human capabilities. Six-year-old Ella is the first to recognize the malevolent spirit when she sees the shadow of a man lingering in her room. Later, we come to find that the house itself has characteristics that defy logic, like when Theo finds that the inside of the house is five feet longer than the outside (um, what?). The trailer leaves us with more questions than answers when we see the written notes in Theo’s journal and his eventual descent into madness.

What we learned:

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Blumhouse, its that quality horror movies don’t need a gigantic budget! While most production companies shell out a whopping $100 million for any single blockbuster, Blumhouse rarely spends more than $10 million. In an interview with Observer, Jason Blum discusses what sets his production company apart. “We were very disciplined about keeping our budgets low so that when we do miss it doesn’t hurt too bad. We can move on, go on to the next day, and we don’t have to fire 10 people.”

Additionally, this allows the production company to have more creative control. In the same interview with Observer, Blum continues, “I wanted to be my own boss. If I liked an actor and they weren’t famous I wanted to be able to cast the character. I wanted to be able to make the movie where the lead character dies after 25 minutes. And you can only do those kinds of things if the budgets are low.”

What we loved:

The backdrop of this film provides the perfect spooky vibes. The modern mansion that the family rents feels creepily cold, and the small cast makes the place feel super lonely. While the Welsh countryside provides beautiful scenery, it also sets a melancholy tone for the events that occur here. Basically, You Should Have Left sets the scene for the perfect scary movie.

Moreover, the cast of this film is stellar. Amanda Seyfried is, and always will be, an icon. She is the perfect fit for this character of the young, secretive wife of successful, older Theo. Furthermore, we can see Kevin Bacon’s total loss of reality just from the 3-minute trailer. Equally important is Avery Essex’s character Ella, who leaves audiences simultaneously charmed and petrified for her safety. We don’t know exactly what happens to the characters from the trailer, yet we get a sense of their terror. You definitely won’t want to miss these actors.


The trailer for You Should Have Left leaves us with many questions and few answers. On the surface, the trailer makes us ask basic questions like what is wrong with the house, and why does it defy logic? Beyond the strange occurrences, however, we also get the feeling that this family holds a ton of secrets that are somehow linked to the house. What did a judge and jury find Theo innocent of? Why do people still think that he is guilty? Is it connected to the house? As with any great thriller trailer, audiences will leave stunned, confused and hungry for more.

You Should Have Left movie poster
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You Should Have Left got its R-rating due to disturbing images, violence, sexual language/ content. This probably isn’t a movie for the whole family (unless your family is crazy, like mine).


Finally, according to the official You Should Have Left website, this thriller will grace our screens on June 18th. It will be available On Demand everywhere. If you don’t have a subscription to any streaming services, the film will also be available on Redbox.

This has been the scoop on Blumhouse’s trailer for their upcoming film You Should Have Left. Prepare yourself to be seriously spooked as you watch the trailer. You’ll see why we’re all so excited for this psychological thriller!

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