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These Incredible Hair Serum Benefits Will Blow Your Mind

Hair serums have been around for a long time. But it is only recently that they have begun to garner mainstream attention. We’re moving into an era where people are less bothered about traditional hair care and more interested in some of the benefits that nature-derived products can bring. 

The type of serum you choose depends on your goal. Some reduce frizz while others help to straighten hair and protect it against damage. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the benefits of hair serums that will blow your mind. Here’s a rundown. 

Improves Straightness And Curls

No matter how you want to wear your hair – straight, curly, or somewhere in between – hair serums can help. Brands make serums for different types of hair, depending on whether you want defined curls, bouncy curls, or super silky and smooth locks. 

Serums improve the natural shine of your hair. They enhance the quality and make it appear more attractive. 

Protect Against Damage

The sun and environmental factors can damage your hair. Chemical processing, for instance, such as coloring your hair, or blow drying can cause it to become brittle and damage-prone. The sun can also damage it by destroying color pigments and the delicate sheath that surrounds each hair strand. And even things like pulling your hair too tight as part of a style can harm it. 

Hair serums protect against all of this. They provide a robust barrier between the hair strand itself as the rest of the environment. 

Improve Smoothness

Does your hair sometimes feel a little rough? If it does, it could be because there is damage to the outer layer of your hair. 

Hair serums help to correct this. Many contain silicone which generates the appearance of sleek, healthy hair, even if there is underlying damage. 

Boost Shine

Many hair salon services use products that help to boost the shininess of your hair. Again, the magic ingredient in serums is silicone. Adding this improves the overall appearance of the hair and enhances its ability to reflect light. 

Reduces Frizz

If hair is weak and prone to getting tangled, it can start to look frizzy. Frizziness occurs when strands of hair lose their integrity and begin to break off. Hairs will often split with each of the ends splaying out in a different direction, creating a messy, matted look. 

Serums help to reduce frizziness by locking hair into its natural pattern. It coats it in a protective layer, holding the hair together, allowing it to fall as it would naturally if it was not damaged. Some serums also contain special proteins that protect against static charges. These prevent annoying flyaways and keep strands of hair closer to the head. 

Which Type Of Hair Serum Should You Choose?

The type of hair serum that you choose depends heavily on what you want to achieve. Manufacturers formulate each product for a different hair type so picking the right one is essential.

Some vendors advertise hair serums for damaged hair. These usually include words like “conditioning” and “fortifying.”]

The idea of these serums is to protect your hair against further damage. Some also contain ingredients that claim to nourish the hair, improving its condition indirectly. 

When choosing a hair serum for damaged hair, look for products that contain natural plant ingredients. Usually, these ingredients are able to penetrate hair strands and sometimes replace lost hair sheaths. 

Other vendors market serums for reducing frizz. These usually promise hydration and sleekness. Some will also discuss how they help to protect against humidity. 

If you have frizzy hair, look for products that contain ingredients like argan oil. These help to tame frizz and maintain the integrity of the hair. People with damaged hair should look for strengthening ingredients, such as seaberry oil as these boost both hair health and shine. 

For those wishing to enhance curls, look for serums that contain heavier oils, such as jojoba. Again, these help to protect hair against breakages while improving shine and reducing frizz. 

And lastly, there are a range of serums on the market for people who want to keep their hair straight. These enhance the ability of straightening irons to make the hair straight while also providing heat protection. Look for serums that contain protective ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E and marula oil. 

Using Serums

Using serums is relatively straightforward, though it is surprising how many people are new to them still. 

First, wash your hair and then pat it dry to remove excess moisture. The hair should be damp. 

Then add a couple of drops of serum to the palm of your hand and warm it up for a few seconds. Most serums other than those designed for deep treatment only require a tiny amount. 

Once the serum is warm in your hands, run it through your hair. Work from the ends to the middle of your stands. Try if you can to spread the serum evenly so that it coats all of your hairs. Applying serum to your roots can make your hair look greasy. It is also less effective here because the hair itself is younger. Just focus on applying serum to the tips. 

When you apply the serum, do so gently. Don’t tug at your hair as this could damage it further. You don’t have to massage serum into your hair strands as you do your skin. All it needs to do is coat them to have the desired effect. 

After you finish applying the serum with your hands, use a comb to gently comb through your hair and even out the serum coverage even more. Make sure that you brush in a way that helps to distribute the serum all the way down to the tips. 

If you need to, continue to use serum throughout the day. People with frizzy hair will often need to apply every four or five hours. Try to use a minimal quantity of serum if you can. Applying too much will make your hair appear greasy. 

Wrapping Up

Serum offers all kinds of benefits for people who know how to use it correctly. It’s a great way to control unruly strands and flyaways. However, you need the right technique. If you get it wrong, serums can actually become a liability. 

When applying serums, remember to follow all the golden rules. 

  • Always apply serums to freshly-washed hair
  • Make sure that your hair is moderately damp beforehand
  • Avoid putting serum on your roots as this will make your hair appear greasy
  • Apply the majority of the serum from the mid-strand to the tips
  • Warm the serum in your hands for a few seconds before you apply it
  • Only use serums sparingly – one or two drops at the most
  • Avoid adding too much serums to your hair 
  • Understand your hair type before you purchase serum
  • Only buy products designed to manage your specific hair complaint
  • Look for serums that will continue to perform in high humidity

When used properly, hair serums can help you solve a range of hair problems. They’re particularly useful for people with dry, damaged and broken hair. Adding serums helps to recreate the hair’s natural barrier, making your hair look smooth and sleek – how you’ve always wanted it. 

Hair serums are a great option for special occasions. They let you look your absolute best whether you’re going for a night out on the town or attending a wedding ceremony. They help to turn back the years and nourish your hair in a way that most traditional hair care products can’t. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.