Things To Know About Immigration Solicitor

by Sarah Ruhlman
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The laws and regulations around immigration can be daunting and confusing, and if you face the risk of being deported or separated from the rest of your family, it can often feel too difficult to endure. That is why it is important to have an exemplary immigration solicitor on your team. Most of the good immigration solicitors do not do it for the money; they do it because they care for the people they connect with, but how do you differentiate between the good ones and those who only see you as little more than a paying customer?   Here, we are looking at how to select an immigration solicitor who will prioritize you and what you need from the process.

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Avoid ones that come after you when you are at your most vulnerable

When you are at your most vulnerable and frightened, it is much easier to be coerced into making decisions that you are not comfortable with. It is much better to make important choices when you are calm and feeling stable. If an immigration solicitor was to hound you or make their move when you are at your most vulnerable, it can be a red flag. A good immigration solicitor does not need to solicit business in this way – business will come to them and rather than spend valuable time seeking out people, they will spend the time working on your case and fighting for you and your family.

Avoid ones that promise you the world

No good immigration solicitor who knows their stuff will make you any promises or guarantees, as while they can try their very best, the final decision is out of their hands. It doesn’t matter how good their reputation or past history is, occasionally a case will not go the way they hoped, and if they had made promises to their clients, it can be devastating. If a solicitor starts promising you things or guaranteeing you that your case will pass through the courts without an issue, you may want to shy away from them.

Research – and then research some more

If you are feeling frightened or/and vulnerable, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours researching your solicitor or chosen firm, but is important to summon the energy and motivation to do so, even if it is just checking their social media and asking around about their reputation. Make sure that they are fully registered and accredited with the appropriate organizations and agencies, and are members of professional bodies, to give them additional credibility.

Trust your gut instinct

While you do not have to be friends with your immigration solicitor, being able to have a relationship built on trust is essential. If your personalities clash too much, or something in your gut tells you that they just are not right for you, look elsewhere. You are trusting them to help you with a significant part of your life – if you do not feel comfortable with them, it may not have the outcome that you want. 

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