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10 Things You Should Tell Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother smiling holding child
unsplash-logoBruno Nascimento

Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation for the people who have given us the world: our mothers. Even though we don’t always show our gratitude, they never fail to help us through hard times. Here are 10 things you should tell your mother this Mother’s Day.

1. I’ve always admired you.

Mother's Day card and flowers
unsplash-logoKarolina Bobek ✌

How are you are so perfect at everything?  I admire your strength, your confidence, your beauty, and your soul. I would do anything to be half the woman you are!

2. Thanks for always being there for me, but try putting yourself first!

Mother's Day tag
unsplash-logoThe HK Photo Company

Mom, you ask me once a week if there is anything I need, but is there anything YOU need? If there is, TREAT YOURSELF! I admire you for being so selfless. However, you deserve nice things and days off, too.

3. I love when you ask for help with social media.

Social media on phone

It is rare that you need me for anything, (since you pretty much rock at everything) so despite the usual eye-roll, I love your silly technology questions. No, you cannot zoom in on Instagram and no, people don’t get notified if you unfriend them on Facebook. What would you do without me?

4. Your disappointment is the worst.

Disappointed man
unsplash-logoNik Shuliahin

I know I act like it doesn’t bother me when you’re disappointed, but that look of yours is forever in my brain. I want nothing more than to make you proud.  

5. Teach me how to be an expert at everything like you are.

Mother whispering to daughter
unsplash-logoSai De Silva

How do you know which kitchen tools do what? Which clothes will shrink in the dryer? What can’t go down the disposal? How do you know everything..? HELPPP MEEEEE!

6. You are beautiful.

Mother kissing baby
unsplash-logoOmar Lopez

You will always be the most beautiful woman in the world. I spend an hour contouring my face and you wake up more flawless than me. Ugh, you naturally beautiful human.

7. I’m sorry for my rebellious stage.

Teenage skateboarder
unsplash-logoDaria Tumanova

I’m sorry for walking 10 feet behind the family at the mall, and for writing mean things about you in my diary. Essentially, I’m sorry for my entire attitude from age 11-15, maybe even a few years after… #oops Am I right?

8. You were right.

Child covering eyes
unsplash-logoCaleb Woods

You were right about what, you might ask? EVERYTHING MOTHER. You were right about it ALL. My 6th grade BFF was evil, bangs looked so bad on me, and I should’ve quit soccer out of pure embarrassment. How do you predict the future? How do you know it all? Ugh, I envy you and your wisdom.

9. Thank you. ❤️

Mother hugging daughter
unsplash-logoEye for Ebony

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for everything you will do for me. From being the only one to care for me when I was sick, to listening to my tears over something you warned me about: thank you. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you.

10. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Mother and son covered in colorful powder
unsplash-logoketan rajput

It’s your day mom, even though you deserve way more than one simple day. You are my role model, my counselor, and my friend.  No one will ever know what a special bond we have. You taught me what unconditional love is and raised me to be who I am today. I love you so much; you deserve the world.

10 things you should tell your mom this Mother's Day

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