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5 Things You Should Always Do When Flying

Flying on a plane can either be your favorite way to travel, or your least favorite way to travel. You can be a frequent flyer, or have never flown at all. Either way, it’s always good to have some extra tips for before takeoff and for your time in the air.

1) Chew gum
Even if you aren’t a gum lover, there’s a good reason to chew gum. When the plane is just lifting off, and also when the plane is losing altitude to land, it can cause your ears to have uncomfortable pressure. When you chew gum it helps pop your ears and relieve the pressure. On that note, be sure to pack a few pieces of gum for your trip.

2) Always sit behind the baby
No one enjoys sitting next to a crying baby. Unfortunately however, when babies ride planes they sometimes can’t help but cry. While most can chew gum to relieve the pressure in their ears, babies do not have that option. In order to ensure that you don’t have to endure the loud sound of a baby’s cry, try to sit somewhere in the back of the baby to reduce the noise.

3) Be prepared if your baby is going on a flight

While a baby may be crying for a number of reasons, you can bet that the pressure in their ears may be one of them. Try and pack snacks for him to much on and keep their jaws moving. This will help relieve the pressure much like chewing gum will help an adult.

4) Decide which seat you will take ahead of time
Most planes have at least 3 seats to choose from when you choose your row and which side to sit on. If you plan on using the restroom while on your flight, you will most likely benefit from sitting on the outside nearest to the aisle. If you or a person you are with is a little scared or gets motion sickness easily, I suggest sitting closest to the window.

This way you can see what’s going on around you. If you are a talker, or don’t particularly mind where you sit, the middle is the spot for you. You can talk to anyone on either side with ease, as well as being a people pleaser. After all, the middle isn’t exactly the spot most people envy.

5) Say ‘yes’ to onboard snacks
It doesn’t matter if you are hungry at the moment or not, take the snacks the attendant offers you. As long as its something you like, or may like to try in the future. They aren’t there to watch you eat, so they wont mind if you put it in your bag to eat for later.

 6) If you can pack light, do it.
If you are taking a weekend trip somewhere or are just a light packer in general, it can be beneficial to pack as light as you can. If your luggage is small enough to put carry on the plane with you, you can put it in the overhead compartments. That way you don’t have to worry about checking in your bag. It also eliminates the risk of the airline losing your bag. Plus, you don’t need to wait at the baggage claim to get your things.

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