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This Is Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About “The Bold Type” – Episode Recap

As usual, The Bold Type came back in full force with gorgeous fashion, goal-worthy friend group moments, and plenty of real-life sticky situations. The clothes will undoubtedly make you green with envy, but there was a stunning lack of the fashion closet in this episode. The return of Freeform’s The Bold Type was eagerly anticipated by the show’s dedicated fanbase, but nobody was quite as excited as the cast themselves! It’s no secret that the cast has been missing each other; it’s all over their social media- and we love it. The show left fans on quite the cliffhanger and this new episode showed us a new phase of life for all three of our favorite New York girls!

Jane is figuring things out after taking a 3-month leave from work to recover from her double mastectomy. Sutton is embracing her new promotion post-honeymoon and all we can say is, thank the Lord she didn’t move to California! The trio just would not be the same without her- it would be like…a duo. Kat is recently unemployed after being fired for speaking her mind against the higher-ups at Scarlet- she followed her moral compass and we couldn’t possibly be more proud. We eagerly look forward to her next career endeavor, knowing she will kick butt at whatever she chooses. All our girls are powerful forces facing new challenges- you might say that they’re…The Bold Type

The Bold Type episode recap:

Jane is dealing with recovery, physical therapy and finding herself again after a few life-altering months and in true best friend fashion, Kat and Sutton are right beside her. The two bring Jane home from the hospital post-op and continue to help her with tasks like brushing her hair and giving “gentle hugs”. They even have the honor of seeing and feeling her new breasts and they are nothing, but supportive of her new boobies that are “not playing around” according to Kat. Alex might’ve walked in during a weird moment though.

On top of her vertical- Failing Feminist- that launches a week after returning to work full-time, Jane is dealing with her recent break-up from Pinstripe. While we know it was the best for our strong and independent Jane, we are conflicted because sometimes we miss him. It might be easier to move on if he didn’t keep sending “I miss you” texts all of the time! I, for one, am so excited to see what social issues our tiny Jane tackles with this new vertical. She’s got her own glass office now and everything!

What’s everybody up to?

Kat is participating in peaceful protests for causes that are close to her heart while she is in between jobs. It also looks like she is seeing a new girl- we are happy to see her happy! Unfortunately, her parents decide to visit at quite an inopportune moment. As she ducks behind her kitchen table to conceal her nakedness, they reveal some unfortunate news. Her parents announce that if she does not find a new job ASAP, they’re going to rent out her insanely luxurious apartment- making the job search all the more stressful.

The newlyweds, Sutton and Richard, had a steamy honeymoon in St. Bart where they apparently couldn’t keep their hands off each other- what’s new? Fans of the show absolutely love the unconventional couple that found their way back to each other. Sutton is practically glowing with her new status as Mrs. Brady-Hunter. It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

These promotions are a lot of work:

Jane struggles to focus on interviewing potential writers for her vertical as she realizes that she was still healing, emotionally, and mentally. She is on high alert of any boob-related shapes and stares, which makes it difficult for her to focus on her favorite thing in the world-her job. Our favorite strong-willed go-getter is always full speed ahead, but we hope to see her continue to rely on friends and accept help throughout this process.

Sutton styles a young celebrity that has a bad reputation for stealing clothes and she is stressing big time. However, after working with the young girl and hearing her side of the story, Sutton is convicted about judging without knowing the facts. As always, she follows her heart and helps the young actress move on from her previous mistakes and styles her beautifully.

Where was the fashion closet?

Sutton and Jane have their first mid-work-day pep talk without Kat and we missed her a ton. We also didn’t see the fashion closet at all this episode, which just did not feel right. However, Sutton did provide Jane (and all of us) with some good advice: “breathe and probably decaf”- do with that information what you will. The two Scarlet employees both got their well-deserved promotions at the same time and they are navigating the new challenges of added responsibilities together. Girl power!

Kat rocks her job interview and they offer her the position. However, after learning that she will not be able to make political statements even on her personal accounts, she turns it down. We love the way she always stays true to herself and there will be plenty more opportunities where this came from!

The Bold Type fans love Alex:

Alex’s old place is apparently now mold-free, which means he’s moving out of Jane’s studio apartment. While he’s probably happy to not be sleeping on the living room bed anymore, we are going to miss his presence in her adorable place! He sees a lot as a result of being friends with this overly comfortable girl group, but he’s always there when they need him. Just as we are getting used to the idea that he’s leaving, we learn that he could have moved out two months prior, but unbeknownst to her, he stayed to help take care of Jane. There’s so much to love about Alex.

Yay for Kat moving into Jane’s place, but we will miss our favorite guy!

San Francisco to NYC, please

Jane struggles to interact with her younger new hire and the Gen Z vs. Millennial age gap really jumps out. We just want Jane to feel like she can be herself! She’s the boss now, after all.

Richard, can you come back and live in NYC already? We’re tired of only seeing your face on Skype (or Zoom, more likely). Please, handsome new tv husband, come back to us. The Bold Type fans miss you.

Jacqueline and Ian’s relationship has been a bit rocky this season, but we were glad to hear that they are going to couple’s therapy! We always want our editor-in-chief to be happy.

Of course, every episode leaves fans with a longing to live this glamorous New York life, have best friends as good as these, and get to wear those clothes every single day. If The Bold Type teaches us anything, it’s that good friends always have your back…and they will look fabulous while doing it. Jane, Sutton, Kat…do you have room for one more in your crew? Just asking for a friend.

We’re Freaking Out About The Bold Type:

We have some major feelings and questions after tonight’s episode: Sutton is pregnant!? How will this affect her new promotion? Does this mean that Richard will move back to New York? What kind of trouble are Kat and Jane going to get into as new roommates? We need answers now! I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

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