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This Is Why People Keep Traveling to North Africa

More than 1.3 billion people are touring different destinations around the world. One of the leading tourist destinations is Africa. This vast continent has exhibited a rapid increase in the number of visitors according to data collected by the World Tourism Organization.

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Africa is a top destination for viewing wildlife (including the big five) and enjoying the warm climate. If you are looking for a safari, it is the place to go. With the diversity and the vastness of the continent, it may be challenging to choose a touring location. For a very long time, the east, central, and southern parts of Africa have been dominating the tourism industry. The countries from these regions have done enough to develop their tourism sector, making it easier for tourists to get into the country and enjoy the wildlife. However, due to an improvement in security, many tourists are flocking to enjoy the various experiences the countries can offer.

Today, North Africa has become a tourism hotbed as the World Tourism Organization noted an increase of 9 percent in the year 2019. But is the magnet pulling travelers to this destination? While an image of violence and heat may jump into many people’s minds with the mention of the Arab spring, it houses different histories, traditions, and diverse people that are very kind and welcoming. 

With several beaches, a desert oasis, and mountain villages, North Africa offers an experience that is infinitely rewarding and exciting.

Iconic Locations That Will Make you Keep Eager to Visit Again


Perhaps one of the oldest countries in the world, Egypt, is home to some of the most important historical sites in the world.

If you are wondering about what major attractions can I see in Egypt? You can consider visiting the mysterious, yet Iconic Pyramids of Giza are some of Egypt’s dearest locations. The pyramids are still in good condition and are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. They are tombstones of the Pharaohs that were built hundreds of years ago. The great pyramid of Giza dates back 4,500 years ago.

The Siwa oasis is another destination well known for its beauty and hot springs. Alexander the Great took a trip to this location himself while visiting the Great Oracle of Amun. The Oasis is located close to the Libyan border deep in the western desert of Egypt. Since it is very remote, the locals have their own culture that is quite different from that of the broader Egypt. There are roads and a small airport that you can use to access the area. The location offers an exciting desert safari.

The Valley of Kings in Luxor, on the East side of the River Nile, is the site of the ancient city of Thebes. It has rock-cut tombs of the ancient pharaohs attracting numerous tourists from around the world. The location is known as the largest open-air museum. One of the tombs belongs to the ancient King of Egypt, Tutankhamun.

The Nile River is another must-visit site whenever you get to Egypt. It runs through the city of Cairo, draining to the Mediterranean Sea. At night, the river reflects the city’s skyline giving you a breathtaking panoramic view that you can observe from the El Nil Bridge. You may opt to take a tour through the waters.

You can find a total of 63 excavated tombs, but you can only gain access to a few.

You can visit the mountain of Moses, which is also known as Mount Jabal Al Tor, where according to different religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the prophet Moses received the Commandments. It is a fantastic place to go hiking and mountain climbing.

Since Egypt borders the Red Sea, you can get an undersea experience from several diving locations, giving you various experiences such as day boats, pinnacles, and wrecks.

Egypt has a rich and diverse culture with unique traditions, fashions, foods, and even accents across different cities. You can learn about their rich culture by interacting with the welcoming locals in various locations around the county and experiencing their various foods and lifestyle.

When it comes to music, Egypt is very much embossed in the Arabian style. It is common to find musicians and dancers performing contemporary music on the streets with some Arabian influence. You can learn more about the arts of the region by visiting the Egyptian National Museum.


There are plenty of reasons to visit Tunisia. The country on the North most of Africa has one of the best climates you can ever ask for throughout the year. Its summer averages a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius while you can expect some lush vegetation in spring. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the country has a long coastline stretch that offers visitors plenty of activities to engage in.

Its beaches are clear blue with white sand. The best part is that they are never fully packed with people. If you are lucky, you can find an uninhabited coastline where you can enjoy a private outing.

Well known for its rich spices, Tunisia offers an incredible cuisine that is full of flavor. You cannot visit the country without trying out their national meal; couscous served with fish, lamb, or chicken. When in Tunisia, you should visit the fantastic beaches in Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet, Kelibia, Bizerte, and Djerba. However, remember to carry sunscreen as the temperatures can get hot.

You may as well make a trip into the Sahara Desert in Tunisia by riding a camel or taking a jeep ride. The Tunisian Desert is well known for the original filming of star wars that included the troglodyte dwellings that you can find around the Matmata area. You can camp out under the stars in the desert while being surrounded by beautiful dunes and salt lakes.

If you delight in historical architecture, the capital of Tunisia is a definite travel location. One particular site is the ancient Tunis Medina. The city also has the best museum in Northern Africa with numerous treasures found all over Tunisia, the Bardo National Museum.

The roman amphitheater of El Djem dwarf also presents an interesting history of the reach of the Roman Empire into the North of Africa. It is one of the most prominent architectural highlights that are still standing around the world.

The city of Carthage may appear to be a rubble-filled location. However, it holds a profound historical impact on the ancient past of the country. Now A UNESCO World Heritage site, the city is one of the places you have to visit if you want to learn about the Phoenicians.

You can visit the Roman Ruins near Tabarka, to learn about the lifestyles of the Romans. The buildings appear to have been underground but still have some standing walls that are well preserved.


Morocco guarantees an endless coastline stretch as it borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking to enjoy a beautiful sunset, few places can rival Morocco. The country has 14 national parks where you can interact with various bird species and other animals. When going through the city, you can get a traditional steam bath, a culture going back to more than 2000 years.

Marrakesh in Morocco is one of the four imperial cities that you should set a date and visit. Just under the foot of the Atlas Mountains, the city is colorful and vibrant with a combination of traditional and modern architecture. Here you can get authentic Moroccan hospitality by staying in a Riad. You can purchase a traveling memento in the markets of Morocco that are quite legendary for their range of options.

Not leaving out the cuisine, the food in Morocco is very aromatic. You can tell from the numerous spices you will find all over the country. Their meals are mostly accompanied by bread.

The people in Morocco are well known to be hospitable to their visitors. Everyone is comfortable to be around, and the locals will make an effort to please you.

There are numerous attractions that you can enjoy when you travel to North Africa. It all depends on the type of experience you are looking to get. Does culture influence your trip, or are you looking to enjoy nature? Do you want to learn the history of different locations or get to interact with new people?

You can find anything that suits your taste in the Arab spring. While traveling to a new destination can provide you with incredible experiences, there are specific problems you may encounter, such as a communication barrier.

The North of Africa is very diverse, thereby hosting numerous cultures. You can find the locals in different towns and locations speaking in various dialects that you may not understand. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a fantastic travel experience, you should avoid making trips on your own unless you know the local language. Instead, enlist the help of a local guide who can help you interact better with the locals and improve your experience.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.