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Throwing The Ultimate Surprise Party For Your Lover

It might not be the manliest thing to admit, but you love your girlfriend with all your heart. While I’m sure you try to show your affection at every given opportunity, some moments stand out more than others. And her birthday is up there with the best.


Throwing a killer surprise party will score you bags of brownie points. The thought alone is a massive deal, but you can have even greater success by ensuring that the event is one to remember. Here’s how to ensure that you do.

Talk To Her Bestie

Even if you’ve been with your partner for years, you do not know every single thing about her. Her friends do, so don’t be too shy to ask for their help.

For starters, her best friend will have a far better contact list. Let’s face it; having the right people there is the most important element of all. Set up a private group for the event on Facebook, and let the bestie handle the invites. In truth, she’ll probably help out with a lot of other features, which saves you hours of effort too.

As long as it results in the best possible party, you should be thrilled. Besides, it’ll put you in the good books of her friend too, which is always a bonus.

Arrange Something Unique

Every party should include a few common features from the right people to lots of booze. However, you still need to do something that stands this party aside from the others.

Choosing a great venue will provide a solid foundation. But using a celebrity talent agency can give you that extra ingredient to ensure that the bash is an unforgettable one. Another fantastic option is to hire a photo booth. With all those magical photos, forgetting the event will be impossible.

Look The Part

You’ve invested time and money in creating the perfect event, but your girlfriend cares mostly about one thing: you. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you remember to put some special effort into your appearance.

Dressing for the occasion isn’t all about the clothes. Perfecting your grooming ritual is a crucial element too. However, it’s advised to do this a couple of days before. Firstly, it will give you time to rectify any mistakes. Secondly, suddenly trimming your beard on a Saturday night, for example, could give the game away.

Make Sure She Does Too

The element of surprise is a crucial factor in ensuring that the party has the desired impact. But the last thing you want is your girlfriend to enter it in her sheep onesie and slippers. Finding an excuse to dress up is crucial for her look as well as yours. Do not forget it.

Going for a meal is probably the easiest way to navigate this problem; it is her birthday after all. Top it off with a gift, like jewelry, and she’ll think that this was the big treat. But you’ll know better.

A nice meal followed by a party that she never expected… if that doesn’t constitute a winning birthday, what does?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.