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Tik Tok Creators Who Will Change Your Life

I joined Tik Tok this past March in order to pass some time while stuck inside. My roommates and I learned a few dances (that will remain in the drafts, thank you very much), picked up some baking tips, and followed many comedic creators.

To say the least, the app is fun and knows how to cultivate content for each of its users. While I tend to gravitate towards more comedic material, in the past few months, I have stumbled on posts that have taught me a lot and have opened new doors for me! I highly recommend giving these people a follow if you want to help your career, mental health, social awareness and more!

So without further ado, here are ten Tik Tok creators to change your life for the better!

Giiwedin @Gookoosh2020

Tik Tok Creator @gookoosh2020

This indigenous creator discusses popular misconceptions about the indigenous while also educating people on traditions and beliefs. He is welcoming, open to questions, and also posts funny content. Considering media doesn’t typically shed a lot of light on indigenous people, this is a great starting place to learn more!

Dr. Jenine Kreft @kreftscouch

Tik Tok creator @@kreftscouch

Dr. Kreft is a psychologist sharing her wisdom on Tik Tok! She often posts helpful POVs of typical interpersonal situations that we find ourselves in that our difficult and hard to manage. Her Tik Toks give helpful advice on how to respectfully manage those situations. She also has videos defining popular therapy terms you have probably heard of like “projection” or “co-dependency”. Her page is free of judgment and is a great tool!

Cedoni @cedonifrancis

Tik Tok creator @cedonifrancis

Cedoni is an alumni at Vanderbuilt University. In addition to posting content addressing popular interview questions, she also talks about her experience interning at popular and well known companies, and resume tips. She presents her videos in a fun and engaging format and will occasionally give out information while also doing a Tik Tok dance trend. She calls herself “your career sage” and I can’t help agreeing!

Dallas @dallas.xavier


Reply to @rid20123 its better to have 100 solid connections than 500+ randoms! #linkedintips #studentadvice #college #edutokcareer #networking #edutok

♬ original sound – T in Techno
Tik Tok creator @@dallas.xavier

Here we have another Vanderbilt alum. Dallas is a student career coach who posts content on how to network, what skills you should actually be listed on a resume, and common interview mistakes. In addition to having an infectious smile, his resume templates are straightforward and I will definitely be implementing them in the future.

Alexa Carlin @alexarosecarlin


The last one gets me every time 🤦🏻‍♀️ Please don’t use these in business emails! #businesstips #smallbusiness #successtips #entrepreneurmind

♬ Figure It Out – Blu DeTiger
Tik Tok creator @alexarosecarlin

A public speaker and founder of Women Empower X, Alexa Carlin offers tips on strengthening your professional speaking style, building confidence, and achieving goals. She’s bubbly and engaging, and frankly, I love her advice!

Jen Ruiz @jenonajetplane


Repost! There’s still time to enroll in these free certificate classes, don’t wait ⏰ #learnanewskill #learnsomethingnew #resumetips #hardskills #edu

♬ Hit It – Yung Skrrt
Tik Tok creator @jenonajetplane

The video above is how I was introduced to Jen Ruiz’s page. She describes herself as a “lawyer turned travel blogger” and in addition to providing certificates anyone in the workforce could benefit from, she also posts jobs that people can do from home. As a travel blogger, she also gives advice on tips and tricks that you probably don’t know.


Tik Tok creators @internmakers

This page mixes anecdotes with professional advice directed towards college and high school students. In addition to providing tips on how to receive an internship, they also give insiders on how to connect and network while working. Most importantly, her content is to the point and is directed at a myriad of majors. I dropped a follow immediately after finding their page!

Michael Matti @michaelmatti


Sometimes you just have to see places for yourself to even believe they’re real. #washington #pnw #washingtoncheck

♬ Hold On To Happiness – Rhys Lewis
Tik Tok creator @michaelmatti

A Seattle-based photographer, Michael Matti’s content focuses on travel content mostly based in the Pacific Northwest. From gorgeous waterfalls to his favorite IHOP locations, his page has it all. While a lot of his travel videos are locations are local to him, he also provides his followers of beautiful location abroad. He is providing me many locations to add to my bucket list!


Tik Tok creators @thejourney2016

Another travel page from a couple that gives you the inside scoop on Airbnbs to stay in the United States, and globally! Also, I have stayed at one of the locations their video mentions, and I have to say it was a solid recommendation. Not to mention, they have a pretty adorable dog that also makes guest appearances.

Alexandra Yaeger @alexandrayaeger

Tik Tok creator @alexandrayaeger

Now, let’s move on to a different genre of Tik Tok: fitness! Alexandra Yaeger posts workout content that people in different parts of their fitness journey can follow. She tells her viewers how many reps and sets they should be doing for the optimal workout. Also, most of her workouts are equipment free which makes it accessible to everyone. Also, I would love to turn the music that she uses into a workout playlist. I’m hoping one day I can even attempt her headstand crunches.

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