Top 10 TikTok Creators You Should Be Following

Many of us have heard of the dancing TikTok legends such as Lil Huddy and Charli D’Amelio, but there is more to the new social media platform than just the renegade. Don’t believe us? Then check out our list of small but talented Tiktok creators currently using the platform to show off their cooking, art, and other interesting talents.

Tiktok creator Kate Goodell

10. @Kate.Ate

Kate.Ate is a TikTok chef who inspires even the worst of cooks to throw on an apron and get creative. She’s vegan, so all of her meals are plant-based. Even if you aren’t vegan, I definitely recommend giving her videos a watch. She manages to make vegetables seem way more fabulous! With recipes covering everything from soup to pad Thai, she’s sure to whip something up you’ll be dying to try.

Tiktok creator Illumitati

9. @illumitati

Ever been stuck trying to improve your photography skills without crazy expensive locations and studios? Illumitati has you covered! She does random photography challenges, tutorials, inspo, and even has videos helping with poses and modeling. If you have a digital camera and need some beginning tips or just want that great Instagram shot, check out Tati’s page!

8. @Selfmademillennial

Navigating the task of finding a job after graduation can be difficult. Selfmademillennial is a Human Resource Professional here to help! Learn all things business on her TikTok and get informed on matters such as standing out on applications, interview questions, resume writing, and more. Plus, she’s super fun to watch and breaks her topics down to where they’re easy to understand! All of her TikTok’s will have you ready to conquer any interview.

Follow The Bus Guy on Tiktok

7. Jordan.neves

Ever wonder what it’s like to remodel an old school bus and live in it? TikTok creator Jordan Neves (a.k.a. The Bus Guy) converted a giant purple school bus into a mini home paradise. He gives tours, remodeling tutorials, and updates on living on the road. For those of you interested in seeing more of his home on wheels, Jordan gives a much more in-depth view of his lifestyle on his Youtube channel.

Coupon With Kayla on Tiktok

6. @Couponswithkayla

Who knew saving money could be so entertaining? TikTok creator Kayla fills her feed with content breaking down the hobby of extreme couponing. While showing her tips, tricks, and stockpile, she also shows viewers exclusive codes to save on Amazon, Ulta, and other big-name stores. This is a must-follow for any TikTokers on a budget.

Follow Brodie Wilson Music

5. @brodiewilson420

Want to watch an indie boy play the guitar on loop? Brodie’s TikTok is full of his original songs, covers, and the occasional comedic video. Love his TikTok? Luckily, he’s streaming on all platforms with his own original music, which makes a great addition to any indie playlist. 

Follow Papa Patchouli on Tiktok

4. @Andrew_namaste

Andrew’s TikToks are the daily dose of positivity you’ve been searching for. A soul straight from Woodstock, he uploads rave related content and videos he calls his “Daily Microdose of Positivity” meant to brighten anyone’s day. 

Curve model and fashion blogger Raeanne Langas

3. @Raeannlangas

TikTok’s queen of self-love, Raeann is a curve model and fashion blogger. She creates content that focuses on outfit inspo, modeling ideas, and beauty tips. Her miniseries, “Recreating Celeb Looks on a Size 12,” is one of the most unique concepts on TikTok. She finds outfits worn by famous gurus such as Bella and Gigi Hadid and recreates them on herself, showing how any look can be cute on any body type!

Art by MegZ on Tiktok

2. @Artbymegz

In need of some unique artwork to brighten up your feed? Artbymegz makes videos showing the beginning to end process of the trippy paintings she creates. Her subjects range from suns and moons to aliens and mushrooms. Set to calming music, she allows us to see the mixing of the paint to the very end product. If you love her work, she has her own store where you can purchase what you see her make!

Follow chef Tabitha Brown

1. @Iamtabithabrown

Another chef, Tabitha is one of the best cooks on TikTok. Tabitha is also vegan, so all her recipes are plant-based. The best part about her content is that she creates recipes out of common items that most people already have in their pantries. If watching delicious vegan cooking was enough, her voice is so soothing she could start a career in ASMR.

Hopefully these accounts will keep you entertained and include some fresh content on your For You page! These smaller TikTok creators are definitely worth giving some views, and may just have you inspired enough to start up your own project. 

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