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Tips for Looking After Your Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are increasingly popular for many reasons. They are timeless, can be worn on most occasions, and always add a touch of elegance to any outfit. If you look after them, you’ll get the most use out of them. So here are some tips for taking care of your diamond jewellery.

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When to remove

Chisholm Hunter has a large range of diamond necklaces, in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. These look stunning on their own or can be matched with similar styles of earrings and bracelets. You’re sure to get decades of wear out of these if you take care of them.

If you remember to remove jewellery before going swimming, bathing, applying creams or working in a physically demanding job, this can preserve its lifespan.

How to store

Diamond jewellery can be worn on special occasions to glam up your outfit, or you can wear subtler pieces during the daytime, for going to the office, meeting with friends or spending time with family. However, on those rare occasions, you don’t wear your diamond jewellery, you should store it safely.

Keep the original boxes to store your diamond necklace, ring or earrings when you’re not wearing them. This makes it easier to find when you need them and ensures they are stored correctly so won’t be damaged.

Ideally, you should have a safe place to store these boxes when your jewellery isn’t being worn. So, if someone breaks in, they won’t find it easily. Although, don’t hide your diamonds so well that you can’t remember where you put them!


Regular wear means your diamond jewellery can pick up dirt over time, but this is easily resolved. Using a soft toothbrush to clean your jewellery will ensure it stays looking its best. You can also soak your diamonds in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes.

You can pay to have them cleaned at a jewellers if you’re concerned about damaging them by trying to clean the jewellery yourself.

Getting insurance

Diamonds can often be the most expensive items of jewellery you own, so you want to ensure you don’t lose them. This includes not taking off jewellery in public or leaving it in public places like lockers at the gym or swimming pool, where it’s easier for thieves to break in and steal it.

However, accidents happen. So if you are burgled or a necklace snaps and you lose it, you want to make sure you’re insured and can replace it. One thing you should be aware of is what your policy covers, such as burglary or loss, etc. You should also have regular appraisals of your diamonds, so if you need to make a claim, you will be covered for the price they’re now worth rather than the price you paid for them several years ago.

Diamond jewellery can be seen as an investment. You’ll always have something to ramp up your outfit for any occasion, and they never go out of fashion. The better care you take of them, the longer they stay looking amazing.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.