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Tips For Petite Dressing

Petite fashion is a lot more exciting than it used to be, there are more options, and more designers are paying attention to the dimensions of the petit clothing market. When it comes to petite clothing, it is all about the cut. 

The wrong cut won’t do any favors for your dimensions, and while you might love and embrace your short stature – you will still want to make the best of it. 

So let’s jump into the best tips for dressing for your height. 

Rules of Thirds

The rule of thirds is something we use in fashion and photography and in design in general. To look a little taller or accentuate your legs, rather than opt for an outfit that cuts in half. I.e., a jumper that sits on the hips and a skirt that goes to the ankle; tuck the jumper in at the waist, and the skirt suddenly seems much longer. 

You can apply the same thing to jackets, coats, and longline cardigans. 


If you want to lengthen your body, then opt for v-necks. Lower necklines are typically more flattering on shorter women as they allow the neck and some of the chest to appear, making the overall impact longer – but in the right way. 

Here are some of the best necklines: 

Sweetheart is a great neckline and one of the most flattering for shorter women, and whether you have curves or not, this line accentuates them. 

Off-the-shoulder work with everyone, but they work very well for petite stature, as they show the length of the neck and some of the shoulders. 


High-rise jeans, high-rise leggings, high-waisted chinos are all good news for people on the shooter side. They allow you to elevate your waist, making your finger look longer in general. 

If you opt for regular waisted pants, consider getting some designed for petite people, so they will have a preferable cut at the bottom. Petite pants are tailored to those with shorter legs, and typically cigarette pants are the best option. 


Jeans are one of the most versatile items of clothing in any wardrobe, but if you are wearing the wrong cut, they will never make you feel as good as jeans can. They can shape, lift, and slim depending on the cut, style, color, or dye. 

Petite frames have similar proportions, which are shorter legs or shorter torsos. High-waisted jeans are one of the best styles for petite people, and unlike some styles of the past, like mom jeans or paper bag jeans, they aren’t going to drown you. 

Flared jeans are great for helping to balance out proportions too. They are especially flattering for people who tend to carry more weight on their hips and want to look more balanced. Paired with comfortable heels, flared jeans can make people appear much taller. 

Most petite people would rather avoid low rise jeans as they make the legs look much shorter than they are. The slouch fit of boyfriend jeans can sometimes, instead of making you look dainty, it can make you look like you’ve got your dad’s jeans on. 

A big trick in jeans is choosing jeans with a vertical stripe on the side. The stripe creates a streamlined appearance and the illusion of height too. The same trick can be used for any type of trousers or skirt too. 


Almost all dresses meet the right principles for flattering petite figures. Wrap dresses allow for a long neckline and pulled-in waist. And, what’s more, is that they usually have the rule of thirds too. 

It is worth either getting dresses you love and finding a great tailor to make sure it fits like a glove or only choosing petite dresses that are fit for purpose straight away. 

Once you find a style of dress that you love and suits you, buy them in different fabrics so that you have one for every season. 


As demure and beautiful as strappy shoes can be, cutting off the leg at the ankle can make you look much shorter unless the strap is sufficiently thin or in a nude skin shade. If you have tanned skin, then a shoe that matches as closely as possible will elongate the leg. 

Black shoes and black pants are a great combo – but to elevate the look, opt for high-waisted pants, in either side leg or flared, with black boots with a heel. 

The trend for chunky trainers at the moment is big, and they add plenty of inches without any work and look great for casual wear. 


Jumpsuits are one of the easiest ways to dress up in a snap. Ones cut for petite bodies will hug your figure in the right place, and since you will most likely be color-blocking, you will instantly look taller and well put together. 

The right jumpsuit will make your frame look longer and, depending on the cut, slimmer too! The best thing about jumpsuits is that they are a fuss-free outfit choice. 


If you are petite, one of the things you might be doing is wearing short jackets – but the truth is that longer coats are more flattering. Although most recommendations are to ensure the coat doesn’t cut you at the hips or the knee, a longer coat works perfectly. 

An H-shaped longer coat creates the same vertical that is achievable when wearing a jumpsuit. It is both flattering and makes you look taller. 

Longer coats also tend to work best with heels and with at least 3 inches from the top of the foot so that it doesn’t drown your frame. 

When getting the proportions right for your petite stature, spend some time playing around with the rule of thirds in different ways, but try to avoid ½ and ½! 

And remember that when something is in fashion, there are always ways to make it work – but there are some trends that are going to be around forever: 3 Fashion Trends That Are Always In Style – Sarah Scoop



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.