Tips To Make Planning Your Wedding A Whole Lot Easier

Planning your wedding is one of the most exhilarating and exciting times of your life. It may be something you have dreamed about since you were young, or you might be someone that is starting with a fresh slate. Either way, if you are planning a big, luxurious do, the planning stages can start anything from ten to sixteen months in advance. And that means that there is a lot of planning, organizing and budgeting involved. You may be a girl who loves post it notes, mood board and copious amounts of excel sheets. But it’s still going to help to have a few cool tools that will collate all your information into one place. These can then be shared with your designers, vendors and your mom and even the groom! Here are some of our favorite tools that will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.


Mood Boards

If you are starting to plan about sixteen months in advance, this is the perfect time to get those mood boards in place. Use Pinterest to create different boards for all the elements of your wedding. Create boards for color, themes, wedding dresses, flowers, cakes and decorations. Pinterest is a great way to share your boards with everyone who is also involved in the wedding planning, and they can also add their own Pins too. As you trawl through all the wedding related websites, you’ll find lots of pretty things you want to keep in one place. And Pinterest is the simplest and easiest way to do this. You can also create secret boards that only you can see. So if you want to create a board for groom gifts or wedding favors, you can go clandestine.


The aptly named Mint app is a whizzy little tool for working out all your budgets. It’s not strictly for weddings, but it works super well. If you have created a joint wedding account, this is the perfect way to keep track of everything that is coming out of it. So no hiding the ‘not so secret’ splurge on those must-have extra pair of shoes! You can create separate categories such as catering and music, and you can add tags to assign purchases to things like wedding favors and wedding suits. It will keep all your honeymoon expenses under a travel category so you can keep track of these too. It’s great for easy searching of deposits you have already made so you can find out how much more you need to spend. And it saves time on faffing around with Excel. Another great tip for saving money when budgeting your wedding is thinking about whether you want to sell your wedding dress after your big day. You may want to consider doing this to recoup some of the cost of such a big spend. If so, you can use a wedding dress calculator to find out how much your pre-owned dress will be worth. This can certainly take out some of the stress of worrying about budget.

One For All

Want the ultimate wedding app that keeps everyone in the loop as your wedding day unfolds? AppyCouple is a super stylish app that enables you to create a beautiful wedding site that keeps everyone up to date. You can share guest information, messages, stories and travel tips. On the big day, guests can also upload their photos, so that anyone that can’t make the wedding can see it live in action! You can set up multiple events, add privacy to certain sections and also organise all your RSVP’s and menu selections. It’s the modern day bride’s ultimate tool!

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