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5 Tips for Correcting Cellulite

We have it. We hate it. Check out these easy tips for correcting cellulite.

Work it Out

Cardio zaps excess fat, which helps diminish the look of cellulite.  To take things further, try adding lunges and squats to your routine.  These exercises help build muscle in your thighs and butt which helps fat from popping out and creating the dimpling that is cellulite.


Massage helps boost circulation, which plumps the skin and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Massaging also helps with lymphatic drainage to help bust it.  Try Bliss Fabgirl Firm Body Firming & Contouring Cream, which has massage nubs, or try rubbing a scrub into your skin such as Giovanni Cool Mint Lemon Salt Scrub.

Firm Up

A firming cream can help create a smooth, firm appearance.  Although not permanent, firming creams can reduce cellulite for up to 8 hours, making them a good choice for a special event or day at the beach.  Try Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control or Nip + Fab Cellulite Fix, both of which contain caffeine to smooth skin.

Try a Serum

While firming creams promise instant results, serums work on the skin to break down fat cells and reduce cellulite over time. Regular use of these serums will also help improve lymphatic drainage to firm skin.  Try Caudalie Countouring Concentrate or Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Cellulite Serum.

Get Bronze

While being tan doesn’t reduce cellulite, it tricks the eye.  Think about how slimming black can be – tan skin has the same effect.  In addition to using your favorite self-tanner, you can also apply a line of bronzer down the center of your thigh to contour.

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Ruhat Zengi

Sunday 10th of August 2014

One can how to lose cellulite quickly as well as completely by following various methods of home remedy. Many women have been able to get rid of their cellulite by following the home remedy methods of treatment.

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