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Tips to Enhance Faster Recovery After a Knee Reconstruction

If you have had a knee reconstruction lately, you need to take precautions that can help protect new knees. Also, you may feel like you need to speed up the recovery process and are unsure of the best way to fasten the recovery; this article is dedicated to you. Read on to understand the best tips to help you increase comfort and decrease the risk of injuries.

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Use a Cane or Walker

Your Orthopaedic Surgeon may have told you to avoid any situation that may damage your knee after a reconstruction. In this regard, consider using a cane or walker to ensure you do not fall or injure your knee.

They can also help avoid commotion in public spaces by signaling strangers to give you more space, preventing knee damage. However, you will decrease using a cane or walker after a few weeks following the procedure.

Keep Your Home Safe

You may need help to move around the house a few weeks post-surgery. Due to fewer stability levels following the reconstruction procedures, you are prone to fall or get hurt. For this reason, ensure your home is safe from hazards, have your items within reach, add safety rails in your bathroom, and clear furniture on your walking paths.

Wear a Knee Brace

You may be given a knee brace after the reconstruction surgery. It would be best to wear it most of the time to keep your knee straight and prevent unnecessary strain. Also, a knee brace will help in stabilization, aiding your recovery process.

Consider Appropriate Exercise

 Following knee surgery, it would be best to include exercises approved by your surgeon in your daily activities. These exercises depend on the surgery’s complexity, the state of your health, or your recovery stage. Therefore, it would be best to first consult your doctor before engaging in any exercises to avoid further damage, which can prolong your recovery process.

Keep Your Knee Straight

Even though you had a successful knee procedure, you should consider keeping your knee joint straight immediately after the surgery. Also, reduce the amount of time you walk or stand to minimize pain and ensure you do not strain your knee, delaying the healing process.

When seated or lying down, ensure you keep your leg straight in front of you without bending your knee joint. It will allow your knee to have ample time to heal before you can turn or move the joint to avoid restarting the whole healing procedure.

Physical Therapy

You may consider going for physical therapy where you can try out exercise under the therapist’s supervision or have your knee monitored to ensure no agitation on the knee. It would be best to have regular sessions to speed up your recovery process.


Your knee may become fragile after a reconstruction procedure, requiring you to take some time off your daily activities until it heals. However, you may feel limited and want to speed up this process to get back to your daily lifestyle. Hopefully, this article has highlighted some of the tips you can adopt to fasten your recovery.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.