Tips To Make Your Outfit Complete

What we wear helps define us, and it allows us to express how we’re feeling that day. Perhaps the most reliable and worthwhile fashion advice anyone can give you is to wear what makes you feel proud, and never think you have to stick to one thing forever. It might be that right now, you love wearing hats. But after a while, being known as the person who always wears an interesting hat to work can feel limiting. What if you don’t show up with a hat one day? Will people mention it?

This is quite silly of course, but these are real thoughts people have, and it goes to show that limiting ourselves and thinking that we’re only meant for ‘one thing’ can leave us a little frayed. So, why not add a little spice to our outfit from time to time, if only to spice things up and leave us feeling comfortable and confident? Those are great questions. Perhaps we can see ourselves in a new light, a light that we may have ignored up until now. If that sounds like you, let’s think outside of the box together:

Lovely Accessories

Lovely accessories can make all the difference. They help express your given personality on a particular day without having to totally make that statement with each constituent element of your wardrobe. Furthermore, accessories can be more interested and vibrant than simply purchasing the first and most trendy item in an online catalog. Magick jewelry, for instance, gives you the chance to showcase your interests, or can serve as a fantastic conversion starter. Accessories can be worn in different ways also, helping you express your own personality. If it’s been a while since you accessorized, why not start now?

Confident Colors

Confident colors really can make a big difference when it comes to putting your outfit together. The winter months are almost done, and with them the desire to wear chestnut and ochre colors that are beautiful, but perhaps less vibrant than a summer dress. Why not try and opt for a super-colorful summer this year? It can be a great way of injecting some optimism in what has proven to be a difficult decade thus far. Perhaps even dyeing your hair a different color, or having a tattoo retouched can give you that same, excellent result.

Layering & Experimentation

Layering and experimentation can help your current outfits take on a new character. It might involve wearing overshirts, undershirts, flowing shirts, shorts, trousers, skirts and mix and matching textures, colors, wearing styles, and more. Layering, even if it’s deciding to wear certain jewelry, stack rings or necklaces, all of this can help you feel more confident in how you present yourself to the world, and even if you wear an outfit twice in the same week, you can make it look different.

Remember the most important philosophy behind layering and experimentation however, that you have fun and each day feels new to you.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to add more daily spice to your outfit.

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