Tips To Protect and Promote Your Mental Health When Hanging Out With Your Employees

There are many benefits to having a work environment where employees feel comfortable talking about mental health, which can be very difficult in some workplaces. The first step is to create an open and welcoming space at your workplace for this conversation. Here are tips to help protect your mental health.

Find New Ways To Connect With Your Employees

Employee relationships are essential to maintain for several reasons, including productivity and creativity. However, strengthening these bonds with employees becomes even more critical when you factor mental health issues into this mix. Employees can be a vital resource for mental health promotion.  The employees are often the first to notice changes in an employee’s mood or behaviour. Finding new ways to connect with your employees like using personalised playing card printing is an essential step to maintaining robust mental health for you and your team.

Talk About Your Problems With Close Employees

It’s normal to have one-on-one conversations with employees for many reasons. For example, you might need an employee to do something, or you may want their feedback on a project you’re working on. However, sometimes these discussions can lead to more emotional territory. This is where it becomes crucial that the relationship between employer and employee is strong enough to feel comfortable talking about your mental health. However, while talking with your employees about mental health you should know what not to say and what to say. 

Play Games With Your Employees To Boost Mental

The best way to promote mental health is by having fun with your employees. For example, you can play several games that will be good for both parties and hopefully get them in the mood for hard work. Sometimes all it takes is something simple like a game of cards or monopoly, but other times you might need more action-packed activities such as paintball or laser tag. Creating a solid team bond will not only improve mental health but also boost morale and productivity in the workplace, so take the time to put down your laptop for an hour or two and get out there.

Be Considerate of One Another’s Feelings

The last thing you want to do is cross the line at work. Instead, maintain a professional relationship and be transparent about changes with your employees, even if you are friends outside of work. This will help avoid any workplace conflicts or problems that could negatively affect both parties involved.

Consider means of holding back when you are frustrated with your employees. However, it is okay to vent every once in a while. Ensure that your time is not wasted by listening to your complaints about other people or situations outside the workplace.

Be Active With Your Employees

Employees who feel they have a good relationship with their managers and supervisors tend to be more productive. A healthy work environment is necessary for employees to stay motivated and productive. Always be active with your employees and encourage the use of written checklists, instructions for efficiency. This will allow for a better understanding of the work, workplace struggles, and personal lives.

Never stop encouraging and promoting mental health awareness within the workplace culture. All of you need to take care of your psychological well-being as much as you do physical wellness. However, it is equally critical that you create an environment where talking about these issues with others won’t be frowned upon or judged.

Eat Healthy Food When Out With Employees

When you eat, make sure that your employees know not to order high-calorie foods. For example, they should avoid fried and fatty food like burgers and fries. This means no appetizers either. If any of them are vegetarian or vegan, then be aware that these restaurants usually do not have vegetarian or vegan options.

If the group is going to a restaurant that serves alcohol, it will be harder to avoid unhealthy foods since they are very high in calories and fat. So instead of eating what you want, choose two options, one alcoholic beverage and something healthy like salad or veggies to eat with the meal. Your employees need to see that you are willing to make healthy choices even when at a restaurant.


The bottom line is that it’s essential to take care of your mental well-being. First, ensure you know how to recognize the signs and then act by talking with a trusted friend or family member or seeking professional help if necessary. Lean into people who can support you emotionally through this time, but also keep in mind that the people you work with are probably going through some of the same things. Finally, don’t be afraid to talk about it.

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