Tips to Update Your Style – Give Your Wardrobe A New Look

Summer wardrobe overhauls are a must every year be it through a spring clean or to make room for new clothes. Sometimes having too many clothes can be a burden, however not all need to be thrown away. Some of the items you think can’t be re-worn you can salvage with a little bit of cheap DIY.

If you’re feeling super creative than some of your clothes can be used for other items of clothing, if jeans are fraying at the bottoms then cut them to make a new pair of summer shorts. Embellishments can be added to other items, accessories such as studs, zips or sequins can instantly revive tired old items that have been sat in the wardrobe.

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Your fave jeans that you’ve had forever haven’t fit in ages, you keep saying you’ll fit back into them some day. Try a button extender it’s not as unfashionable as you think, no different than using a bra extender. This is discreet and can’t be seen, so the beauty is no one will know or see! Saving you money on buying new jeans.

Whilst we all wish we could go shopping all the time, there are other ways to source out new clothes on a budget. Plenty of tips and tricks, people will be wondering how you or where you keep getting new on trend outfits for free.

Tie dye has always been a fun summer activity to try, taking some old t-shirts that haven’t been worn in ages can be brought back to life with tie dye. This is great if you’re attending fancy dress parties or festivals. Tye dye kits are available in most craft shops, it’s also fun to the activity with friends if they too are attending the event with you.

Old items of clothing can be used for cute mementos in the bedroom, all those precious tour merch t-shirts you’ve bought over the years have either become bed tops or lonely in the wardrobe. It’s a shame to get rid of them as they hold good memories, sewing them into cushion covers makes them center stage again and spruces up the room.

Of course, if you really want to then the best way it to five to those who are in desperate need of clothes. Charity shops are grateful for reused clothes. There are many ways to get rid of clothes other than charity shops, you can have a car boot sale you can control how much you sell.

Clothes for cash is a relatively new scheme set in order for people to stop taking clothes to landfill and damaging the environment. Cash schemes either weigh up your clothes and give you cash in hadn, or there are online sites to guide you. Also, there is tried and trusted eBay, allowing you to pick and choose what you haven’t worn in months.

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