Make Your Home Feel Fresh and New Again

Tired of looking at the same four walls? Perhaps you’ve grown tired of your colour scheme, or things are looking a little dated and in need of a refresh. The good news is you don’t need to completely move house. There are things you can do that can completely transform the way that it looks, and feel proud once again every time you step through the door of your home.

table-white-home-interior-largeHere are a few ways to go about it.

Clean and Declutter

Before doing anything else, it’s a good idea to have a clean and declutter. Throw away anything that’s no longer useful, and store away anything that you don’t need right now but might at a later date. Pull out every piece of furniture to thoroughly vacuum and dust behind, and go through all of the drawers and cupboards. Just this alone will make you feel so much better, and it makes revamping the space a lot easier too. Wash windows, scrub skirting boards, don’t forget all of the nooks and crannies that usually get missed as you’re cleaning on a regular day.

Upcycle The Furniture

Home trends come and go, which can mean furniture is susceptible to becoming dated. Since it’s such a big investment, it’s not something most of us have the means or inclination to change up very often. But thankfully there’s plenty you can do if your furniture needs bringing up to date but you don’t have the budget to replace everything. The great thing about furniture is it can be customised so easily. Even swapping out things like handles can make a dramatic difference. You could give each piece a new coat of paint, even inexpensive veneer style wood can be painted if you use the right products and techniques. Solid wood is, of course, the perfect candidate for being upcycled and can be painted without a problem.

Paint The Walls

There’s no quicker way to completely transform a room than by changing the colour of the walls. It can make it look like an entirely different space, and choosing the right shades can even make a room look bigger. For the best finish, you could look into a company that offers painting services. This is useful if your walls are less than perfect since they will be able to make the repairs needed for the best finish. If your walls are already perfect you could do this yourself, spend some time working out the shade and finish that will look best.

Change Up The Floor Covering

Is your grotty old carpet or peeling laminate due for an update? New flooring will make the room feel so new and fresh, and finish off the look perfectly. It’s always best to choose hardwearing and easy to clean surfaces downstairs- tile, vinyl and wood all work well. You can always add a couple of rugs for warmth, but it makes keeping it clean so much easier. Particularly if you have children and/or pets! If you’re sticking with your carpet, having it cleaned will instantly make the room feel fresher.

Choose a New Accent Color

You can change up the look of a room simply by switching out the accent color. Buy cushions, curtains, flowers and a rug in the color and replace your current furnishings. This is easier if you have neutral walls since they will go with any shade. But even if you currently have color on the wall it can be done. Simply pick an accent color which complements what you have up.

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