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To People Who Love The Witcher And Hate Video Games

There’s a good chance that you came across The Witcher last year, when the show aired on Netflix. In this show, Henry Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia, a mutated monster hunter who struggles to find his place in the world where humans turn out to be worse than the monsters he’s paid to hunt.

The Witcher

Some of the show’s successful elements were the mountainous visuals, the action-packed plot, and Cavill’s acting. He did a stellar job portraying a rugged, silent, yet strong character. Other successful elements include comic relief as well as a slavic-style soundtrack. They help in balancing the intensity of the show. All these elements kept people highly engaged with the characters till the end of the season.

However, I think the most successful aspect of the show was allowing us to follow Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri on their journeys.

The Witcher

We get to see their character developments, their relationships, and of course the action. If many viewers enjoyed this, as well as the other aspects of The Witcher, they should try out a story-based video game.

Try out a story-based video game

One thing I want to make clear is that story-based games aren’t competitive shooter games like Fortnite or Overwatch. They are more like The Last of Us or The Witcher series instead.

These games are Hollywood-esque, focusing more on having an engaging story. Because you control the character, there’s more active participation in the character’s journey. In addition, there are the added challenges of puzzle-solving and strategy. Imagine watching your favorite crime show, but you’re able to control the main characters as you follow along. Because you’re more actively involved in the story, these games are even more engaging than watching the film.

See the whole picture before jumping to conclusions

If I have to guess what much of society thinks about video games, it’s probably Fortnite and nerdy/degenerate teens. However, that’s not true of all video games/gamers. Why do you think we are seeing more video games being turned into successful shows/movies (Tomb Raider, The Witcher, The Last of Us, etc.)? When people love these TV shows and movies yet have a negative perception of video games – without even playing them – they look like hypocrites.

Perhaps we should try to play a story-based game like The Last of Us or The Witcher before jumping to conclusions about video games.

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