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Top 10 Bachelor Contestants Who Were There For The Wrong Reasons

There are always a few that end up in every season. Those that come on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette looking for everything but love. They want to promote their music careers (cough, cough JED) or they’re just looking for some fun. Some are easily recognizable, some you would never expect and have even become some of bachelor nation’s most beloved contestants. These are the top 10 bachelor contestants who were there for the “wrong reasons”.

Jed Wyatt

Who else did you expect to top this list? There is not a person in all of bachelor nation that has gotten the backlash Jed has gotten after his season. Jed already was on bachelor nation’s bad side after his one-on-one date when he revealed to Hannah his true intentions for coming on the show. He originally signed up to further his music career. Now we’ve seen this in the past, other people have come on the show for reasons other than love. It’s what was revealed after the show had seized filming that made Jed bachelor nation’s enemy number one.

After Jed had proposed to Hannah, and she accepted, it was revealed that Jed had a girlfriend before the show. But this relationship did not end before the season started filming. For this girl, it was expected they would get back together after Jed was eliminated, but he never was. So, basically, Jed went onto the show to deceive Hannah.

Scott Anderson

Scott was another contestant on Hannah’s season, and you might not remember him. This is because he was sent home on the first night. But not during the rose ceremony. Hannah’s friends Demi and Katie, also from Colton’ season, came to help Hannah weed out her men on the first night. Demi had gotten some messages from a girl on social media before this. Demi revealed that Scott had a previous girlfriend as well, one he also didn’t break up with and had seen only a couple of days before filming began.

DeMario Jackson

DeMario was a contestant on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. In the second episode, a woman came onto the show to warn Rachel of DeMario. She revealed that she and DeMario had been in a seven-month relationship before he just stopped talking to her. The next time she saw him he was on After the Final Rose meeting Rachel. Rachel was understandably mad as they never actually broke up. When he was confronted, DeMario tried to play the situation off by saying the girl was ‘psycho’ and it was an on-and-off relationship that was over.

Wes Hayden

Wes is really just an earlier version of Jed. He had the same intention of going on the show to promote his music on Jillian Harris’s season. He also made it to the top four without revealing this. Then after he was eliminated, on his limo ride out, he bragged about the girlfriend he had back home. Saying “I’m going down in flames, the first guy on ‘The Bachelorette’ to make it to the top four with a girlfriend”. Talk about a catch!

Rozlyn Papa

After only a couple episodes of Jake’s season of The Bachelor one of the most talked-about moments came about. It was revealed that Rozlyn Papa had “inappropriate behavior” with a bachelor producer, and she was released from the show. Although it was never revealed what exactly happened, we all know that Rozlyn definitely wasn’t there for the right reasons no matter what happened. 

Bentley Williams

Bentley was a contestant on Ashley’s season of The Bachelorette. During his season, his bachelorette Ashely started to fall for him,  but he made it more than clear in his interviews that he was not interested. He continuously said Ashley was not attractive. He strung her along for a while saying that he was going to make her cry, but hopefully he looked good doing it, but in the end, he was kicked off. 

Cassie Randolph

During Colton’s season of the bachelor, many of the girls questioned Cassie’s intentions of being on the show. Colton had deep feelings for Cassie but it didn’t always seem like that was being reciprocated. And eventually Cassie eliminated herself, saying she wouldn’t be able to reach the point Colton was at, and she did not want to be engaged. But we all know how long that lasted and how these two ended up. 

Casey Shteamer

Casey appeared on Ben’s season of the Bachelor, but she was another one that did not cut off ties with an ex before making her way to the bachelor mansion. Chris Harrison was actually the first to find out and confronted Casey about it on the show. It was revealed that this man did not want to get married possibly, which left Casey with a choice, but she still could have broken up with him before the show!

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn, a former bachelorette, is not so innocent. Before coming onto Chris’s season of The Bachelor, Kaitlyn had a boyfriend, whom she continued to date when she left for the show. Although that obviously ended, she eventually went on to be the bachelorette, she did not go into the show with the purest intentions. Obviously, she believed it wouldn’t work out for herself, but it definitely did!

Desiree Siegfried

Desiree is one of bachelor nation’s most loved Bachelorette’s. She is also one of the few that went on to marry the man that she gave her final rose to. Desiree is on this list simply because of her reasoning for joining the show. She had just moved, was fresh out of a relationship and looking for a “new adventure”. She described it as being a joke. Desiree never thought she’d get a marriage out of it. After realizing what she could get out of this show, she quickly turned around and took it seriously. She did not get exactly what she wanted on her bachelor season but was the next bachelorette, where she found her husband. 

Not every contestant that ends up on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is there with the purest intentions. Some come for their career, some come for fun, some come with other significant others. But in some cases we see a turnaround, in others, well some people just suck. 

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