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Top 10 Bachelorette Contestants That Are Still Single

After the ending to another season of The Bachelorette, we know the question that everyone is asking, of all the guys that did not end up the last one standing, who is still single? Well, we’ve got the answer! These are the top 10 bachelorette contestants that are still single.

Nick Viall

After seeing Nick on two seasons of the Bachelorette (Andi’s and Kaitlyn’s), being picked as The Bachelor suitor himself, and then seeing him for a fourth time on Bachelor in Paradise season three we are surprised this guy is still single. Although Nick has been on 4 seasons of Bachelor franchise shows, he’s come close every time. He made it to the top two on Andi’s season after receiving the first impression rose the first night, he again made the final two on Kaitlyn’s season where his proposal was rejected again, almost got engaged to Jen on BIP and proposed to Vanessa on his season of The Bachelor. However, his relationship with Vanessa did not last and they broke up less than a year later. But I think Viall’s time on reality TV is definitely over.

Tyler Cameron

Tyler was most definitely the fan-favorite from the most recent season of The Bachelorette featuring Hannah. He made it all the way to the end but finished in the same way Nick did, second. However, after Hannah broke up with him on national television he handled it like a true gentleman and was nothing short of respectful. And bachelor nation fell in love with him for the ways in which he handled himself on the show. With everything that went on with Hannah and her final pick, she ended up asking Tyler out on the live After the Final Rose, to which he accepted. And there have been lots of rumors flying around in the past days about Cameron and who he may be dating, but for now he’s still single, and we are still hoping!

Peter Weber

Peter, also from Hannah’s season, was another fan-favorite. Better known as “pilot Pete”, Peter was the soft, undertone member of the group. Peter made the top three of Hannah’s contestants, he went to fantasy suites, the famous windmill if you’ll recall, but was eliminated right before he could meet Hannah’s family. And he was heartbroken. His car ride away was one of the sadest I’ve watched. Peter is definitely a front runner for The Bachelor but again, for right now he is single, and we are not mad about that.

Peter Kraus

The other famous bachelor nation Peter, Peter Kraus, was on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. Arguably one of the best guys to become a contestant on the show, Peter was different. Bachelor nation was relieved by Peter’s “normalness”. He broke the mold of typical bachelor/bachelorette contestant of being able to get engaged after only two months. When he expressed these concerns to Rachel towards the end of the season, Rachel decided they were on different pages and broke it off. Ever since it seems Peter has been single, and most of bachelor nation is trying to change that.

Shawn Booth

It is a big surprise that Shawn is on this list. Having been on Kaitlyn’s season, Booth was pretty obviously Kaitlyn’s front-runner throughout the season, and ended up proposing at the end of the show. The two were engaged for three years before they broke it off in November. Their relationship, before the breakup, was one of bachelor nation’s favorite to follow along. However, since the end of the engagement, Shawn has been single.

Wills Reid

Wills was on both Becca’s season of The Bachelorette and the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. Everyone fell in love with Wills after his emotional breakup with Becca. He was one of the most respectful men that were there for Becca. Trying to give love another shot, Wills went on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. However, he was eliminated at the first rose ceremony of the summer. Although, it seems as of now Wills is single, he is headed to Paradise again, so that status could change by the end of the summer.

Dean Unglert

Dean is originally another of Rachel’s men. He made it to the top four guys and Rachel went home to meet Dean’s family. Dean and his bachelorette had a strong connection until the very end when he went home. Rachel felt that Dean was too young, and not ready for the serious relationship that she was ready for. After his first breakup, he then appeared on the last season of BIP where he stirred up a lot of drama with Kristina and Danielle. He ended up quitting that show. And then he appeared on Bachelor Winter Games where he left in a serious relationship with Lesley. They ended up breaking up in April 2018. So after a couple of tries looking for love, Dean has remained single. However, just like Wills, Dean is set to appear on this coming season of Bachelor in Paradise so we’ll see if that remains.

Chase McNary

Chase’s first appearance was on Jojo’s season of The Bachelorette. We even have a fun Q&A with Chase, you’ve got to give it a read. He was one of Jojo’s top three men but was eliminated before his fantasy suite overnight date because of some things that were said. Chase then went on to compete in two MTV shows, Ex on the Beach and The Challenge. On the fist of the two, Chase seemed to reconcile with his ex, but it did not last very long. On The Challenge, Chase had an interest in Nany but that interest did not last past Chase being eliminated.

Eric Bigger

Another of Rachel’s guys, Eric is known to be one of the sweetest, smartest guys from that season. Eric ended up Rachel’s second-runner up, but bachelor nation fell in love with him. After Rachel’s season, Eric made an appearance on Bachelor Winter Games but was eliminated in the first episode after not making a connection. And then Eric took a third shot at love on Bachelor in Paradise. After making a connection with Angela, Eric became interested in another contestant, ending up in a love triangle. Realizing he did not have a connection with this new contestant, Eric thought he had messed thing up with Angela beyond recovery. So, he sent himself home and left paradise. Since then it seems like he has been by himself.

John Paul Jones

The beloved John Paul Jones was a contestant on the newest season of The Bachelorette as one of Hannah’s guys. JPJ became an early favorite for his quirkiness. He really is unlike any former contestant. John Paul Jones didn’t steal the heart of Hannah unfortunately, and was ultimately eliminated. JPJ is headed to paradise though, so we’ll see if he leaves engaged, but for now he is single!

These guys are some of our favorites from bachelorette nation, and thankfully they’re still up for grabs. We don’t know how long they’ll all be on the market though. These are our top 10 bachelorette contestants that are still single – as of now!

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