Top 10 Best K-pop Groups Ranked

If you’re a K-pop fan, you know that it is very difficult to only choose one K-pop group above the rest. But as more K-pop groups emerge from behind the curtain, we can’t help but become obsessed with their music, looks, and personalities! Narrowing down our list to only ten K-pop groups might as well be impossible but check out our list of some of the most talented groups!

#1- BTS (Bangtan Boys)

A seven-member boy group from one of the most profitable companies in South Korea, it comes to no surprise that they’ve stolen the number one spot! From BigHit Entertainment, BTS has contributed to the rising popularity and awareness of Korean pop and culture. As a group, they strive to bring meaningful messages through their music such as loving yourself. But can we stop and mention the continuously growing fanbase of BTS called the ARMY? The fanbase that truly has the power to move mountains by selling out stadiums worldwide. With their most recent tour, “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself,” they have reached new heights with their Love Yourself albums and Map of the Soul albums. I promise you won’t be disappointed by their music as BTS doesn’t stick to one genre of music but is open to exploring genres like hip-hop and African style beats.


Debuting in October of 2018, ATEEZ has a lot to bring to the K-pop industry with their energetic dancing and unique singing! Even though the eight-member boy group is considered to be rookies, fans have definitely noticed their hard work in perfecting their craft as musicians. With ATEEZ’s very first album, ‘Treasure EP 1: All to Zero,’ their fans are also known as ATINY, knew ATEEZ would shoot for the stars. Five albums later, they have hit milestones on Youtube and have made appearances at K-CON. We also can’t forget their 1st world tour back in 2019. Fans couldn’t wait to hear and see them live as they performed the songs that made them fall in love. Check out ATEEZ’s diverse music on your favorite music platform!


Four girls who have the power to quite literally shake the world as we’ve seen with their most recent release, “How you like that?” with a heavy trap beat and smooth vocals. Their fanbase, BLINKS, are very dedicated to making sure their queens come on top. For breaking the record for the most viewed Youtube video in 24 hours, can we say that they have officially ruled 2020? What makes this group interesting is that all four girls have different styles but magically tie together like sisters for life. From YG Entertainment, these girls know the ins and outs of succeeding in the K-pop industry despite the competition. For music recommendation, check out their most popular video, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU.’


MONSTA X is one of the few K-pop groups that has expanded its music beyond Korean pop with albums and singles in English. A seven-member boy group from Starship Entertainment that first started off as a hip hop group but have slowly transitioned to various other genres. Their fans, MONOBEBES, have been with them every step of the way even with their most recent decision for one of the members to leave the group and promote solo. We recommend listening to their albums, ‘All About Luv’ and ‘Shine Forever.’

#5- EXO

A K-pop group that has been in the industry for a long time and has been through a lot of changes, but are determined to keep shining for the fans. A boy group comprised of nine members who seem to have a talent for anything in the arts, we promise EXO won’t disappoint! EXO is one of those groups where fans are always guessing their album concept before the release. One of the most shocking concepts was their 2017 release, ‘The War,’ which reminded people that EXO can pull off any kind of concept. EXO L’s are one of the biggest fanbases alongside ARMY that have stuck to their side since the very beginning. One of our favorite albums by EXO is ‘EXODUS’ which is a mixture of R&B, EDM, and groovy pop. Who doesn’t want to know everything about this talented and handsome group?

#6- SHINee

From the same company as EXO, SHINee has become a group that everyone has their eye on! Debuting in 2008, SHINee helped to develop the K-pop industry to where it is now with top-notch dancing and mesmerizing vocals. The fans known as SHAWOLS, have made SHINee the talented group of men that they are today. Consisting of five members, SHINee is yet another group that left fans guessing what style music they were going to release. Even though the group lost a member back in 2017, their music has become stronger than ever with a promise to work hard. If you ever get the chance, go see SHINee in concert as you will be amazed by their neverending energy. We recommend diving into their albums, ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Married to the Music!’

#7- Seventeen

A thirteen-member K-pop boy group that is out to steal our hearts! Known for their catchy lyrics and beats, fans are always grooving and dancing along. Before debuting, the group used to have seventeen members through a K-pop survival show but not all of them made their debut. But a thirteen-member group is most definitely overwhelming especially when they’re all visually stunning. The fans called the Carats are always prepared for the satisfying in sync dancing and the passionate vocals. For insight into this wonderful group, we recommend listening to their albums, ‘Going Seventeen’ and ‘You Make My Day.’

#8- NCT 127

By the name of their group, you might be a little confused as to why there are numbers. SM Entertainment has a plan in place to release a series of groups with members from different countries. So far they have released NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT U. But for now let’s focus on the ten-member boy group that is formed with Korean, Japanese, and Chinese members. One of the most hard-hitting groups to appear in the K-pop scene, their cool and swaggy aura cannot be ignored. NCT 127 has developed their own musical and fashion sense that has never existed before. Check out their latest music videos, ‘Punch’ and ‘Kick It’ to understand what we mean.

#9- GOT7

One of the groups with the most attractive personalities. GOT7 is a seven-member K-pop boy group from JYP Entertainment that is especially known for their powerful vocals. Debuting in 2014, fans can definitely tell that GOT7 has evolved to be one of the biggest K-pop groups in the industry. You can see just how much they have progressed with one of their most recent releases, ‘Call My Name’ and their album, ‘DYE.’ GOT7 is a group alongside BTS that really aims to show the fans behind the scenes of their personal lives with reality tv shows. As if we didn’t love them already?

#10- Mamamoo

A K-pop girl group that has managed to blow us away with their effortless vocals. After seeing them at KCON back in 2016, we knew that Mamamoo was no normal girl group in the K-pop scene. Every year their popularity rises with every single release like their song, ‘Starry Night’ and “Egotistic.’ Four girls with beautiful voices coming together can only mean heaven. We are glad to include these ladies on the list as their sound is one of a kind. The epiphany of vocal harmonization.

So what did you think about our top 10 K-pop groups? We hoped you enjoyed learning about these talented artists! For more Korean entertainment, check out!

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  1. I know that’s your opinion but how can you make a top 10 list and not include TWICE? They are Asia’s girlgroup no. 1 and dominate Korea and Japan (2nd largest music market!!). They hold so many records and achievements including 10M album sales, won ‘song of the year’ 3 times in a row (no other group has achieved that), the first foreign female artists to get 100M certified streams in Japan.. . They are referred to as Korea’s national girl group. They are the top of the top. So I don’t really understand why they are not included. Take a look at all their achievements yourself. Only BTS is more successful.

  2. I dont think Seventeen is fit in #7. But that’s okay, those 13 Shining diamonds will always be the Number 1 in my heart♡

  3. So this writer is obviously just a boy group fan… It’s like they included two girl groups because they were contractually obligated lol. Not even a huge BLACKPINK fan but even I know they are far superior to rookie group ATEEZ. And yeah, how can you not include TWICE?
    This is just someone trying to share their opinions and create arguments online.

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