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Top 10 Best Moments in “Boys Over Flowers” + Why You Should Watch This K-Drama

Boys Over Flowers became one of the Korean dramas that took the world by storm. The actors and actresses starring in the classic k-drama were one of the main reasons for the rising popularity of Korean dramas globally, especially the two main male actors, Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong. Originally a Japanese manga and anime, the show has just about everything a romance show is made of. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and feel immense butterflies as the characters go through a journey of happiness and loss.

There are many memorable moments in this drama that fans have grown to love, but here are our Top 10 favorite Boys Over Flowers moments.

1. The Pool Scene

Notably, what first started off as a scary scene for Jun-pyo and his lack of swimming skills, easily turned into a funny scene between him and Geum Jan-di. Taking advantage of her knowledge of CPR as a swimmer, Jun-pyo pretends to be unconscious in order to gain a kiss from her. However, the scene does not go as planned for Jun-pyo.

2. Staying at Jan-di’s House

One day, Jun-pyo, known as Lee Min Ho, decides to intrude on Jan-di’s family unexpectedly. Upon opening the door, Jan-di’s brother is shocked to see Gu Jun-pyo. Just seeing Jun-pyo eat food and dress in clothes from a lower class is all the more entertaining.

3. Jun-pyo Pretends to be Sick

Everyone thinks pranks are funny till they become the victim. When Jan-di, played by Gu Hye Sun, becomes close to Jun-pyo, she confesses to him while he is on his “death bed.” Overcome with happiness, Jun-pyo suddenly wakes up back to his usual self. It should be noted that this is definitely not the first time Jun-pyo has managed to trick her.

4. Jan-di’s Kick

A strong heroine putting up a fight is all the more interesting. In earlier episodes of Boys Over Flowers, Jan-di rebels against the most popular boys at Shinhwa High, known as the F4. As Jun-pyo goes on a teasing rampage towards Jan-di, she ultimately snaps. As a result of the martial arts kick, Jun-pyo starts to fall for her.

5. Ji-hu Saving Jan-di From School Bullies

The F4 group terrorizes anyone that dares to go against them. Unfortunately, most of the other students see it as a cue to also find ways to bully the victim. If you’re not used to the Korean culture, you may think that the way Jan-di and the other students are bullied seems obscure and extreme but it very well reflects reality in the Korean school system. While Jan-di changes out of her swimsuit into her school clothes, a group of boys approach her. Ji-hu, known as Kim Hyun Joong, rescues her. Clearly, this particular scene shows the chemistry of Jan-di and Ji-hu as they become close.

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6. Jun-pyo Saving Jan-di from Bullies

Jan-di is saved by a handsome guy not just once but twice. After other students attack her with eggs and flour, Jun-pyo saves Jan-di and carries her away from the scene before anybody else can inflict harm on her.

7. Ji-hu’s Interest in Pancakes

In this Korean drama, the four boys from the richest families in Korea have very little independence. Their parents want to make sure they are on the right track to inherit the companies in the future. While Ji-hu is relaxing, Jan-di tells Ji-hu how to make pancakes. We learn more about his personality and his drive to be more than what his family wants him to be.

8. Shopping with Jun-pyo

Shopping with a handsome man is probably every Korean drama fan’s dream. One day, Junpyo plans a shopping trip for Jan-di to prepare for their getaway. Moreover, we can’t ignore the fact that he uses a heel from a shoe to set off the fire alarm.

9. Meal on the Beach

As Jun-pyo and Jan-di gradually become closer, he makes every effort to win her over. One of his efforts to win her over is a fancy meal on a private island. Who wouldn’t want a meal with a handsome man like Gu Jun-pyo?

10. Ji-hu vs. Jun-pyo

When finding out about Ji-hu kissing Jan-di, Jun-pyo tries to kick them both out of school. However, his sister suggests another approach to determine Jan-di and Ji-hu’s fate. As the two boys pick out activities to compete in, we can’t help but cheer for them. What started out as a competition for Jan-di and Ji-hu to be expelled ended with a clear rivalry for Jan-di’s heart.

These are only a few moments that we thought were perfect in capturing a mix of emotions. If you’re looking to see more of Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong, check out Playful Kiss, The Legend of the Blue Sea, and the Heirs! For more entertainment, head on over to!

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