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Top 10 Big Brother Alliances

Big Brother is all about a strategy that consists of a good social and physical game. Not every house guest has all of the above so they create alliances to help them get to the end. Here are the top 10 Big Brother Alliances in 20 seasons.

1. Chilltown


‘Chilltown’ is known to be made of Mike “Boogie” Malin and Dr. Will Kirby, the Big Brother alliance also had Shannon Dragoo in their ranks during season 2. Boogie was the first to win the HOH competition in Big Brother history. Boogie was evicted the fourth week of the game right after Shannon. Will then went on to win the game without even winning a single HOH competition. The pair came back again for the seventh season, Big Brother: All Stars.

Not to be overshadowed by his partner in crime, Boogie would be the Chilltown member to win this season. The most influential move was when Will made his infamous speech while on the block during All Stars. Will told the whole house he hated all of them equally. Despite this, the house evicted the other player unanimously. Their infamous diary room phone calls thrilled audiences and made the show truly into a game. Across their two seasons they had 4 Head-of-Household (HOH) wins and 1 Power of Veto (POV) win.

2. The Hitmen


With their cover alliance being ‘The Detonators’, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur formed ‘The Hitmen’ in season 16. They are considered to be one of the best duos in the game. Ending up in the top two, the duo completely dominated the game.

They fought their way to the top and took Victoria with them, who they called ‘The Hitmen’s Little Sister‘. They evicted all of their ‘Detonator’ alliance members in the end to keep her in. The way they, and in particular, Derrick, masterminded the game was perfect. Derrick won the game, against his fellow Hitman, without being nominated once. Between the two they had 7 HOH wins and 3 POV wins.

3. The Renegades


Consisting of house guests Dan Gheesling and Memphis Garrett. Early on in the game, Dan convinced the house to keep Memphis. This move created the unstoppable duo. Season 10 ended with Dan winning and Memphis coming in second.

The vote was a unanimous 7 – 0. The Jury thought that Memphis was a floater, even though he won the most competitions out of the two and took himself off the block every time. During the season they had 3 HOH wins and 5 POV wins.

4. Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy


Created in season 3, these two were so secretive, they didn’t even come up with a name. The two made it all the way to the final three. Danielle and Jason were only nominated once. Jason was the last house guest to join the Jury after being evicted. Danielle was competitive and had a cocky attitude in her diary room confessions.

These confessions ultimately led to her not winning the game. Fans were outraged and the following season, the Jury changed how they voted during the finale. The two had such an incredible game and flew under the radar all season. Danielle is considered the best Big Brother player to never win. They had 3 HOH wins and 2 POV wins.

5. The Detonators


Comprised of Derrick Levasseur, Cody Calafiore, Christine Brecht, Frankie Grande and Zach Rance. Only four of the five members made it to the final four. Occasionally Caleb Reynolds would join the group, but was never truly apart of the alliance. Having ‘The Hitmen’ helped this Big Brother alliance get far in the game. They dominated season 16 with their only set back being the twist of the repeat week. The group had 10 HOH wins and 9 POV wins.

6. The Quack Pack

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‘The Quack Pack’ came into play during the very beginning of season 14. Members of this alliance are Britney Haynes, Dan Gheesling, Ian Terry, Danielle Murphree and Shane Meaney. All members made it to the jury house with Dan being the runner up of the season and Ian winning the game. Collectively they have 9 HOH wins and 9 POV wins.

7. The Brigade


The season 12 Big Brother alliance consisted of Enzo Palumbo, Hayden Moss, Lane Elenburg, and Matt Hoffman. The four silently took down their targets all the way up until week six. They controlled every eviction vote by creating side alliances with other house guests.

‘The Brigade’ quickly turned on Matt when they considered him dangerous to their game. Even after losing a member, Enzo, Hayden and Lane made it to the top 3. Hayden won and Lane came in second. Despite some disputes, the last three remained loyal to each other. The group had 7 HOH wins and 2 POV wins overall.

8. Girl Power/Elite Eight


The ‘Elite Eight’ quickly formed to get rid of their exes, who came into the house as part of a twist, in season 4. Although they fell apart, three of the remaining members created ‘Girl Power’ or ‘The Angels’. Alison Irwin, Erika Landin, and Jun Song won the last two POV competitions and two of the three HOH competitions. They managed to get out the last remaining members of the ‘Three Stooges’. Unfortunately, Alison had to pick Erika or Jun to go to the final three with her, so she chose Jun. They made it to the final two with Jun winning the game.

9. Six-Finger Plan Alliance


The infamous back door move was created in season 5. In an attempt to hide their Big Brother alliance, Nakomis put two of her alliance members on the block. When it came time to pick who got to play in the Power of Veto competition, Nakomis and the two on the block chose three other alliance members.

Whoever won the POV would take a member off the block. After, Nakomis nominated her true target in her alliance members place and the remaining five that were eligible to vote took down their target. Although none of them won the game, they did create a move that would be used throughout Big Brother for years to come.

10. The Legion of Doom


During their All Star Season ‘Chilltown’ created ‘The Legion of Doom’ with Danielle Reyes and James Rhine. The four cruised through the season, taking out their targets left and right. ‘Chilltown’ flipped on Danielle and James with only seven house guests left. James was the first to go after they promised him he had the votes to stay. Danielle was the next to go with the votes to evict from ‘Chilltown’.

But Mike and Will were betrayed by their showmances in the end. With too many final two offers, their showmances decided to pair up and take them down. Will was the first to go, taking fourth in the game. However, Mike was able to win the last two HOH competitions, get to the final two, and win the entire game. In the end, the alliance had 5 HOH wins and 3 POV wins.

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As they always say, expect the unexpected. Unfortunately some of the alliances forgot about that rule! Be sure to check out more Big Brother posts, such as 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Big Brother!

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