Top 10 Big Brother Bromances

Bromance can be defined as the love between two guy friends. Here are the top 10 bromances from the hit show Big Brother and their never ending love for one another.

1. Mike “Boogie” Malin and Dr. Will Kirby


These two are arguably the most loved Big Brother bromance duo since the show’s beginning. They have been friends for many years and still are. Mike and Will were the original ‘bromance’ in season 2. Their loyalty to one another is almost stronger than their game play. They rarely questioned one another and always knew what the other was up to.

2. Zach Rance and Frankie Grande

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Zankie was a fan favorite during season 16. They were constantly with one another, antagonizing each other and the house guests. The two had a love-hate relationship throughout the game. They even had a huge fight during a competition. Their Big Brother bromance survived though, and all was forgiven. They are still close friends to this day.

3. Brett Robinson and Winston Hines

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Brett and Winston were the definition of Frat Brothers during season 20. Nicked named Brad (Brett) and Chad (Winston) these two were inseparable from the beginning. Where one went, so did the other. The house guests were intimidated by their closeness and unfortunately Winston was voted out too soon. The bromance lives on though outside of the house.

4. Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur

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Derrick and Cody made it all the way to the end of the game together. They shook up the whole house with their secret alliance and their undying loyalty to one another. Their goofy personalities provided viewers and house guests with comic relief and some heartfelt moments. They are still friends even out side of the house.

5. Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo

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Paul and Victor had each other’s backs since day 1 of entering the Big Brother house. They came out a little too strong in the game which resulted in both of them being on the block together. Victor was evicted, but won the battle back and returned to the game. The two battled it out against other house guests while their bromance grew stronger throughout the rest of the season. They are still friends outside the house. #Friendship

6. Faysal Shafaat and JC Mounduix


JC was definitely the master and Faysal was the puppet in this bromance. With Faysal believing everything that JC told him and doing whatever JC wanted. JC still loved Faysal though, and often talked about him in his diary room confessions. Although he tried to control him, JC and Faysal were two peas in a pod and were fun in the house. The two are still friends.

7. James Huling and Steve Moses


The two did not start off as friends on season 17. They had nothing in common and just didn’t click for a while. But as the season went on, James and Steve began to become closer and soon formed a Big Brother bromance. The two would follow each other around the house in funny outfits and mess with the other house guests.

8. Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez


With Paul’s return to season 19 of Big Brother, we saw him start a whole new bromance with Josh. With the two going all the way to the end, they annoyed house guests to no end, and everyone was over the ‘friendship’ talk. The two may have butted head sometimes but they were partners until the very end. That’s true #Friendship.

9. Jace Agolli and Austin Matelson


Jace and Austin were fun for viewers to watch during season 17 of Big Brother. With their love for ‘bro-culture’, these two were either working out together, talking game or making up bro code rules. Unfortunately Jace left before Austin, ending their quirky bromance in the house before it could fully blossom.

10. Dr. Will Kirby and Howie Gordon


Not really a bromance but more of a stalker situation. During season 7 of Big Brother, Howie was attached to Dr. Will. Howie followed him around the house and would even try to cuddle in bed with him. Will constantly made fun of Howie, but in a way gained a way to infiltrate the S-6 alliance. This Big Brother bromance brought many laughs and great burns from both sides.

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We hope these bromances last forever! Be sure to check out other Big Brother posts, such as Top 10 Big Brother Alliances!

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