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Top 10 Big Brother Contestants We Want on The Challenge

During its 31st season, The Challenge did something they should have done a long time ago. They began casting former Big Brother players.

Jozea Flores (Big Brother 18) and Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17/18/22) on The Challenge: Final Reckoning

It makes sense – both shows cast young, attractive people who want TV time and have no shame. Had MTV started pulling people from other reality shows sooner, we could have had some real Big Brother legends dominate on The Challenge.

Janelle, Mr. Pectacular, and Rachel Reilly would have been right at home on The Challenge a decade ago. Sadly, the time for those particular people to join the rotating cast of MTV’s long running reality show has come and gone.

There is still a chance for some newer Big Brother players though! As The Challenge continues to invite more Big Brother alums season after season, we have a few we are dying to see pop up soon.

Here are the Top 10 Big Brother Contestants We Want to See on The Challenge!

10. Kemi Fakunle (Big Brother 21)

Courtesy of CBS

Kemi may seem like an odd choice to some. She was not on Big Brother 21 for very long and when she was there, she was not especially impressive in challenges. The main reason for wanting to see Kemi is similar to why I was happy to see Amber B. pop up in Double Agents.

Like Amber B., Kemi did not get a fair shake at playing Big Brother. She was in a house full of narcissists who talked down to her, belittled her, and came up with any reason to target her.

She was one of the few people of color in the house and like the other POC with her, she was targeted seemingly for no reason other than for being different than her housemates.

The Challenge has, historically, done a far better job at casting BIPOC contestants. Though it is entirely possible that Kemi could come on, get eliminated early, only to never be heard from again, we would love to see her get a chance in the house. She would still have narcissists to deal with but maybe on The Challenge, she would be given a fair opportunity unlike her time on Big Brother.

9. Corey Brooks (Big Brother 18)

Courtesy of CBS

If you told me after Big Brother 18 that I would want to see Corey Brooks on any other TV show, I would say you are out of your mind. In the house, Corey showed nothing but a lack of understanding the game and a love for Christmas. (The holiday, not the person. Big Brother is the only topic in which I would have to specify that.)

After the show, Corey joined the cast of MTV’s Ex on the Beach. While still maintaining a sense of childlike wonder to literally everything going on around him, Corey was a lot more interesting in the villa.

Maybe he had heard too many critiques about how boring he was on Big Brother and wanted to make a name for himself. He came in hot, trying to win back his ex, who was already entangled with one of her other exes. This lead to his ex’s ex attempting to fight him on several occasions.

Did I mention that Corey’s ex is Morgan Willett? You know, the same Morgan Willett from War of the Worlds, who is now dating Johnny Bananas? And if THAT is not interesting enough for you, let me tell you about his ex’s ex that tried to fight Corey. You may have heard of him. It’s Jay Starrett, who made a name for himself by getting thrown into several eliminations early on in Total Madness.

Corey’s presence could be an interesting wrinkle, depending on who else is on the cast. His physicality + his general goofiness would be a breath of fresh air, in the same way that Nelson is.

8. Mark Jansen (Big Brother 19)

Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Mark has reportedly been close to living in The Challenge mansion on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, he has never fully gotten there.

On Big Brother 19, Mark thought he was a part of the majority alliance before it was too late. He coasted through the first half of the game, only to be sent to jury early on in the second half.

While there, Mark had several infamous blow-ups. Many of which involved recent Challenge regular, Josh Martinez. These fights ranged from as silly as throwing condiments on one another to as dangerous as almost hitting Josh with a frying pan.

Make no mistake though, every single fight between the two was somehow both ridiculous and on the verge of disqualifying both from the game. It would be exciting to see how the two interact on MTV, over four years later.

After Big Brother, Mark found his way to Ex on the Beach also. There, he interacted with some familiar Challenge faces in Devin and Marie. In fact, Devin and Mark got along very well. With one of them being the brawn and the other being the brain, the duo could work well together.

This could be interesting storyline to follow if he finds himself in front of TJ one day.

7. Haleigh Broucher (Big Brother 20)

Courtesy of CBS

I am genuinely shocked that Haleigh has not made her way to The Challenge yet.

She is young, fit, and has a storyline ready to go.

The storyline, of course, being her relationship with everyone’s favorite quitter, Fessy.

When Haleigh and Fessy met in the Big Brother house, it was not love at first sight. In fact, Fessy was flirting with both her and another woman (who may or may not show up later on this list). It wasn’t a big deal though, because Haleigh did not want to be in a showmance at first.

Eventually the two became more than just failing alliance partners. Their showmance lasted a while after the show. In fact, Fessy and Haleigh were still together when he made his debut on Total Madness.

Since then, Fessy has made a name for himself by flirting with several women in the Double Agents house, claiming that he could beat one of the GOATs, and then quitting during the final. He went from a background character in his first season to one of the most unlikable contestants in his second.

We imagine that seeing him and his ex back together in the Challenge household would be compelling. Would they get back together? Would they both try to make the other jealous? Or would introvert Fessy avoid her at all costs? We hope to one day find out!

6. Jessica Graf (Big Brother 19)

Courtesy of CBS

It should not surprise any Challenge fan to know that, despite being halfway through the list, we have another contestant who has beef with Josh.

Even more so than Mark, Josh got under Jessica’s skin tremendously and vice-versa. She and her boyfriend, Cody, were the pariahs of the house for the first half of the season. Josh would go out of his way to remind the two that they were on the outs and they would give it right back to him, often ending with Josh in tears.

During her short time on the show, Jessica managed to survive week after week through HOH/POV wins between her/Cody, as well as a twist that saved both of them. She did not have a great competition record but we have a feeling that if she had stayed longer, she would have improved her resume.

The most exciting thing about Jessica is her fiery attitude. She does not give up, nor does she give in to those in power if it means it will save her. Is it the best gameplay? Not really. But it makes for great TV.

Seeing her be reunited with the man who relentlessly called her a “meatball” several summers ago is too enticing to ignore. We have a feeling that she would be more at home in The Challenge household than she was on Big Brother.

5. Brett Robinson (Big Brother 20)

Courtesy of CBS

It is genuinely surprising to me that Brett was on Big Brother before ever being on MTV. Between his cocky, frat boy attitude and his immature sense of humor, he is perfectly suited for the channel.

During his time in the house, Brett made sure to get his TV time. From his memorable speeches to framing people with rogue votes to disrespecting Rockstar on her daughter’s birthday, Brett knew how to entertain. Despite having a smarmy attitude, there was something endearing about him that made his antics all the more enjoyable to watch.

Brett was not just entertaining though. He had a pretty good handle on the game. He was able to escape eviction three times – once by competition win and twice by campaigning. Brett also played a pivotal role in getting the opposing alliance to not trust one another by tossing votes in different directions then blaming their members.

If Brett made the crossover to The Challenge from Big Brother, it is fair to expect fun. The guy does not take these things very seriously but he plays them hard. He knows that it is reality TV and it is meant to entertain. He does just that!

4. Kaitlyn Herman (Big Brother 20)

Courtesy of CBS

If you can’t tell, Big Brother 20 is easily the best modern cast.

Kaitlyn is not the most physically intimidating contestant to be on Big Brother. Nor is she the most mentally intimidating. But she is incredibly entertaining.

From her paranoia to her desire to make big moves early on in the game, Kaitlyn had viewers hooked to the live feeds in the first couple of weeks of Big Brother 20. She was a big reason why the first half of the game was so enjoyable. You never knew what she was going to do but you always wanted to find out.

Kaitlyn formed an alliance, flipped on that alliance, and nominated an alliance member for eviction all in the first two weeks of the game. Her game was erratic but that is exactly the kind of energy that we love on reality TV.

Another reason to add Kaitlyn to The Challenge rotation? She was the other woman that Fessy was flirting with early on in Big Brother 20. If you add her to the mix, will things continue where they left off? We would love to find out!

3. Devin Shepherd (Big Brother 16)

Courtesy of CBS

When describing Kaitlyn’s gameplay, I said that she was erratic, paranoid, and incredibly entertaining. The exact same words can be used to describe Devin.

Devin was a light that shined so bright in the early days of Big Brother 16, only to flame out by week three. He is still remembered well among fans – even casual viewers – due to his atrocious gameplay.

Early on, Devin was a part of the Bomb Squad alliance. It was originally a four person alliance but expanded to six in order to have good numbers early on. Devin then took it upon himself to reveal the alliance to two other houseguests, then inviting them to join, without telling any of his alliance members.

If this was not enough, Devin won Head of Household in week two and nominated one of those alliance members for eviction. He was then, obviously, seen as untrustworthy and the entire house banded against Devin in week three.

His impulsive gameplay would be fascinating to watch play out on The Challenge. He would even have a better shot in this house, as he is a physically fit man and would have a pretty good chance at saving himself when he is inevitably send to elimination.

2. Kat Dunn (Big Brother 21)

Courtesy of CBS

Like Brett, Kat was made for reality TV.

She has an engaging personality, she is naturally funny, and she is easy to root for.

During her time on Big Brother, Kat was engaged in two different showmances – one in the house and one in the jury. This makes her perfect for a Battle of the Exes season.

She has the social game on lock, having survived nomination two times. Including one very contentious week where a last minute vote flip threatened to send her packing. She even proved to be a solid strategist, as well, finding a spot in the middle between two large alliances early on in the game.

Unfortunately, her time was cut short but Kat was a bright spot in a dark season. She would be perfect on The Challenge. We can only hope that one day she will be accusing people like Tori and Aneesa of conspiring against her.

1. Zach Rance (Big Brother 16)

Courtesy of CBS

I’ll admit it – Zach is not the type of person we usually see on The Challenge. He is not nearly as physically intimidating as most of the men on the show nor is he a super strategist but my God, he is entertaining.

Imagine Devin Walker but with an even stronger attraction to chaos and antics to rile people up.

Big Brother 16 is notorious for being so straight forward that it was boring. The two sources of entertainment were Devin and Zach. As mentioned, Devin sealed his fate early on. But Zach was there well past the halfway mark.

From blowing up alliances to getting into fights with allies to giving memorable speeches, Zach is everything you could possibly want in a reality TV star. His number one goal is to entertain and he does so effortlessly. He is also very open about his feelings, which makes for an incredibly compelling TV character.

There is no one that we would rather see make the jump from Big Brother to The Challenge than Zach Rance. Please, Challenge Gods, we will never ask for anything ever again!

What Do You Think?

Who did we miss on the list? Would you prefer to see Big Brother houseguests that will bring chaos or a competitive edge to The Challenge? Is there anyone from the current season that you would like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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Victor J. Sanchez

Thursday 26th of August 2021

I Would Also Love To See Jessie Godderz ( Mr. Pectacular ) & Also Kevin Campbell, & Russell Kairouz From Big Brother Season 11 Make Their Debuts On The Challenge As Well!

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