Top 10 Big Brother Contestants We Want to See Get a Second Chance

Last month we published a Top 10 list of Big Brother Contestants We Want to See on All Stars 2. But what if Big Brother 22 features returning cast members but they aren’t All Stars? Back in 2015, Survivor had a season called Second Chance. In recent years, there have been many contestants show potential (whether game or trainwreck) in the early weeks of Big Brother, only to be eliminated before the jury phase of the game. A season featuring all of those Could Have Been players has some potential – here are the Top 10 Big Brother Contestants We Want to See Get a Second Chance…

10. Bella Wang (BB21)


Bella made quite an impression in the few weeks that she lasted on Big Brother 21. Between her hilarious hometown video intro featuring her overbearing mom to her showmance with Nick Maccarone (his first of several this season) to her game of pitting two alliances against each other blowing up in her face very quickly, Bella was a huge focus on the show in the early proceedings of the season. She was well liked by fans in the beginning but it did not last long, as she actively played against one of her alliance members, Kemi, and encouraged the entire house to bully Nicole, both of whom were fan favorites. Despite the disgusting behavior displayed, Bella showed a desire to play the game. All of her inclinations were incredibly messy but every good season needs a few messy players.

9. Jessica Graf (BB19)


One half of the Paul-hating power couple of Big Brother 19. Almost as soon as the cameras started rolling on BB19, Jessica began a showmance with first HOH of the season, Cody Nickson. Unfortunately for Jessica, Cody made several decisions without congregating with his alliance members and filling them in. Because of this, these two. specifically, became public enemy number one. After several weeks of fighting to stay alive, Jessica was the last houseguest to be evicted before the jury phase of the game. If Jessica came back, I believe she would right the wrongs of her past in order to make sure that she at least makes it to jury. And if she can’t, maybe she could do The Amazing Race again. That seems to have gone better for her and Cody than Big Brother did!

8. Parker Somerville (BB9)

The excitement of Big Brother is that it is an every man for himself game from the very beginning. There are a few seasons in which a twist prevents people from playing for themselves and when you mess with a well established game, it is only going to cause chaos. Chaos is the best word to describe Big Brother 9. In this one off winter season of the CBS show, Parker was teamed up with Jen, whose real life boyfriend, Ryan, was also in the house. Jen went off the deep-end in week one and told everyone in the house that her boyfriend, Ryan, was a racist, while also denying she ever said that. Everyone in the house immediately turned against her and, in turn, Parker, who never got a real chance to play. Let’s hope he gets a second chance on Big Brother!

7. Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams (BB20)


Ahhh. Swaggy C. Love him or hate him, you definitely have an opinion on him. He came out of the gate playing hard in Big Brother 20. In his short time in the house, Swaggy C got into a showmance with fellow contestant, Bayleigh Dayton, before eventually getting backdoored by one of his alliance members. After getting evicted week 2, Swaggy C flew out to Lee’s Summit, Missouri in order to meet Dayton’s family, despite only having known her for 23 days and her still being in the house. At the end of the season, Swaggy proposed to Bayleigh on live television and the two ended up getting married in 2019. Swaggy was very confident in himself and that confidence made him exciting TV to watch for his short stay in the Big Brother house. Hopefully he will return one day and finish what he started.

6. Devin Shepherd (BB16)


My inclusion of Devin on this list will have a lot of people scratching their heads. And I get that. Let’s make one thing clear: Devin is one of many on this list who, from what we have seen, are not good players. In fact, I would say Devin is a bad player. I would say Devin is a very bad player. Two things stick out to me when I think of Devin. First and foremost, he has a daughter. And he never lets anyone forget it. Second, he is the guy who woke people up in the middle of the night to invite them into his alliance without consulting anyone else in the alliance. It was an absolutely confounding move but made for incredible TV. If we ever get Big Brother: Second Chance, that’s what I want. And I assure you, it is what Devin is.

5. Brian Hart (BB10)

Speaking of people who came out of the gate playing hard. Brian Hart was the first evictee of Big Brother 10. He is notable for somehow having a rise and fall in the game all happen within the first few days of entering the house. There was one point in the week where Brian seemed to have it all figured out and looked like he could run the show. Then people started talking. When people start talking in the Big Brother house, it’s never a good thing. Especially if it’s week one and you are already making alliances with half of the house. Despite some rookie mistakes, Brian had an unmistakable mind for the game. Proven by his immediate attraction to fellow contestant, Dan Gheesling, who would go on to win the game. Maybe if he got a second chance on Big Brother, Brian would make it to week two.

4. Audrey Middleton (BB17)


Like so many on this list, Audrey’s light was shining very bright in the first few weeks of Big Brother 17. She had a good mind for the game and was able to get a good portion of the house on her side early on. Audrey, however, could not leave well enough alone. Between her constant strategizing, contradicting herself between alliance members, and meddling in the business of other players, Audrey alienated fellow houseguests as quickly as she won them over. By the end of week two, Audrey was involved in a fight with Da’Vonne, which happened in front of the entire house and caused everyone to lose trust in her. If Audrey were to return, I believe she would learn from her mistakes and play a slower, calmer game. The type I know she has in her and the type that could lead her to the end.

3. Dominic Briones (BB13)

When I began making this list, I almost immediately skipped over Big Brother 13. The season featured a mix of new and returning players. The new players left a lot to be desired. Kalia had grit but also evicted one of her allies while HOH. Shelly was sneaky but unlikable. Beyond those two, I did not think anyone was really worth seeing more of from this season. Then I remembered Dominic. Dominic was a part of the infamous Regulators alliance. You know, the alliance that was torn apart week after week until none of them remained by week four? Despite his lack of skills in picking alliance members, Dominic showed a lot of charm in the game that could have gotten him far any other season. I would love to see him get a second chance at Big Brother when playing against a more even set of opponents.

2. Kaitlyn Herman (BB20)

I know what you’re thinking! “Kaitlyn? The woman who could not put a five piece puzzle together in order to literally save her life in the game?” Yes. That Kaitlyn! Similar to Audrey, Kaitlyn seemed to be in a solid spot in an alliance for the first few days in Big Brother 20. But when you add paranoia and a master of the game to exploit it, things get out of hand quickly. Kaitlyn flipped on her alliance almost instantly when she was HOH in week two and then was promptly booted not long after. Even so, she is incredibly fun TV, and honestly, if we are narrowing down our list of returnees to just people who were voted out pre-jury, that could describe most of the people on this list.

1. David Alexander (BB21)


No houseguest has ever made me wonder what could have been like David Alexander. David was evicted night one on Big Brother 21. Normally that would mean that we would not see him again until finale night. BB21, however, had a twist. Those who were evicted would stay in the house, without voting or competing, with the eventual chance to return to the game. David stayed in the house for four weeks after being evicted. In this time, we saw how perceptive of a player David was. There was an eight person alliance this season that everyone else in the house was completely unaware of. Everyone, that is, except David. Unfortunately, David did not return to the house. I have a feeling that he will eventually get a second chance to play Big Brother though. And when he does, I expect big things from him.

That’s our list of the Top 10 Big Brother Contestants We Want to See Get a Second Chance! What do you think of our list? Who do you think would improve? Who do you think would be right back out the door? Is there anyone we missed? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our Top 10 Big Brother Contestants We Want to See on All-Stars 2!

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