Top 10 Big Brother Contestants We Want to See on All-Stars 2

Even a global pandemic could not stop the inevitable. Early June is upon us which means rumors of a second installment of Big Brother: All Stars. The first All-Star season of Big Brother premiered in 2006. It seems like every year since, Big Brother fans have gotten their hopes up for another season featuring the best of the best, only to be met with disappointment.

But this year, things feel different. Granted, that’s what I say every year. But it really does this time. For one, remember that global pandemic I mentioned earlier? Yup. Still happening. Which means casting new contestants has become increasingly difficult. Casting calls had to be cancelled during the spring and the final rounds of casting, which usually take place in California, seem unlikely to play out as they have in the past. On top of that, last summer’s iteration of the hit show came under fire over and over and over again. This might make production feel pressure to cast “safe” choices. Few choices are as safe as the known choice. Finally, rumors of All-Stars 2 or, at the least, a cast full of returning players, have surfaced by people and organizations that could very well have a legitimate source – whether a former player or someone in production.

The List

Let’s say this is the year. Let’s say that the perfect storm has reigned upon us and in its wake, left us with Big Brother: All-Stars 2. If (and that is a biiiig if) Big Brother 22 is All-Stars 2, we have some suggestions for production. We limited our selections to five men and five women. Additionally, we picked contestants who have only played once and on a season that took place after the first Big Brother: All Stars. Finally, in order to make the list, they have to have made at least the jury portion of the game. A list featuring people who were voted out sooner is in the works but this is not that list. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Big Brother Contestants We Want to See in All-Stars 2…

10. Enzo Palumbo (Big Brother 12)

Enzo Palumbo – Big Brother 12

The Case: Big Brother 12, the game and the TV show, was dominated by one single force: The Brigade. The Brigade was an alliance of four men – Hayden, Lane, Matt, and Enzo – who each complemented one another’s skills in a way that we rarely see from alliances. Each man had a duty to find someone outside of their alliance and become close with them. By doing so, the alliance now had 8 people that were at least somewhat a part of it, whether they realized it or not. The genius of this alliance came from the brilliant, New Jersian mind of Enzo “The Meow Meow” Palumbo.

It’s not just the alliance that makes Palumbo notable though. Enzo is one of the funniest cast members the show has ever had. His jokes make him endearing to both the fans and to his fellow castmates. Having him on a season guarantees some comic relief.

Bonus: Maybe we will get to find out if his teaspoon is different than Britney’s teaspoon.

9. Keesha Smith (Big Brother 10)

Keesha Smith – Big Brother 10

The Case: If we are being honest, this entire list could be people from Big Brother 10. For being so universally loved, it is absolute nonsense that only two people from this season have returned. Big Brother 10 has everything you could want in a season. It has strategy, likable characters, explosive fights, and a slew of memorable moments. Many of those coming from Keesha Smith. Despite being seen as an easy to root for fan favorite due to her likable nature, Smith has a firecracker personality. She has no problem being vocal when she believes that you have done her wrong. Whether it is her birthday or not. It is people like Keesha that keep the live feeds interesting no matter what’s going on and she would be a welcome addition to any season of Big Brother.

Bonus: If she returns, we will have an excuse to return to this clip three times a day.

8. Brett Robinson (Big Brother 20)

Brett Robinson – Big Brother 20

The Case: When I first saw the cast of Big Brother 20, I wrote Brett off as the over the top frat guy who was only on the show in order to potentially further his modeling career. How wrong I was. Brett proved to not only be incredibly entertaining (throwing hinky votes then blaming someone else for it during the live show – I CANNOT!) but also a genuinely good player who just was not able to strike before he was stricken upon. With a little bit of time between now and his first appearance, I feel confident that Brett could potentially improve upon his already solid game while maintaining the entertainment factor.

Bonus: He might drag someone else’s name through the mud on their daughter’s birthday. REAL CUTE!

7. Kat Dunn (Big Brother 21)

Kat Dunn – Big Brother 21

The Case: In a season full of racism, misogyny, and outright gross behavior, Kat was a bright spot. She kept things light and funny, and she always had something to say. In between all of her Kat-isms, we found that she was a good strategist too. She stayed in the middle of two alliances solidly for the first half of the game. Though she went out pretty early in the jury portion, Kat continued to entertain while at the jury house. Additionally, Kat spent most of her season wishing that Brett was there. If we are lucky, the two of them can finally connect in the Big Brother 22 house.

Bonus: Hopefully these houseguests won’t be conspiring against her.

6. Jen Johnson (Big Brother 8)

Jen Johnson – Big Brother 8

The Case: Ah. Jen Johnson: the wearer of leotards, the destroyer of cigarettes, the performer of eating. Jen Johnson was incredibly divisive during her time on the show. She caught a lot of flack for being self-absorbed and just generally dismissive of other people in the house. But on the other hand, she was also a victim of one of the most vicious contestants to ever play the game, “Evel” Dick Donato. Whether you love to hate her or hate to love her, you definitely have an opinion on her. Her first season took place in 2007 so it would be especially interesting to see how she adapts to the more modern game.

Bonus: She would get a chance to take a better cast picture.

5. Tyler Crispen (Big Brother 20)

Tyler Crispen – Big Brother 20

The Case: After dominating the game from start to finish, Tyler was one vote away from being crowned the winner of Big Brother 20. He took his eyes off the prize for a little too long at the end and unfortunately it cost him. Despite his surfer dude persona, Tyler showed incredible strategic chops. His ability to completely mist an entire side of the house into believing he was with them, despite proving week after week after week that he was not, was a thing of beauty to watch. He did it with an undeniable charm and it would be compelling to see whether or not he could pull it off again.

Bonus: He could redeem himself and get that elusive fifth vote.

4. Libra Thompson (Big Brother 10)

Libra Thompson – Big Brother 10

The Case: Remember when I said that this list could be full of the cast of Big Brother 10? I give you Exhibit B. Libra and the aforementioned Keesha were aligned early on in Big Brother 10. A main reason for that being that they both despised the other people in the house. Similar to Keesha, this Rice University graduate is not one to back down from a fight. If someone comes at her at a 5, she will crank it up to a 10. And let me tell you, it is a glorious sight. With Libra, you know that you will be getting good live feeds and good highlights for the CBS show. Ultimately, isn’t that what you want?

Bonus: Maybe she can bring Jerry with her just to ensure that she has someone to yell at.

3. Russell Kairouz (Big Brother 11)

Russell Kairouz – Big Brother 11

The Case: Russell is one of the most entertaining contestants to ever be on Big Brother. He has an alpha male personality and will call people out for anything and everything. On three separate occasions, Russell came nose to nose with one of his fellow houseguests – all of them being people that he was cool with at one point or another. He pushes people and pushes people and when they go upstairs to cry in the HOH room, he just continues to yell at them from downstairs. He is absolutely relentless. In all of his hostility, he is also somehow a surprisingly good social player, often aligning with the very same people that he fought with the week before. It’d be interesting to see how he has matured, if at all, over the last eleven years.

Bonus: He will have a whole new cast of people to berate over their spelling of made up words. “WHO SPELLED IT CORRECTLY?”

2. Amanda Zuckerman (Big Brother 15)

Amanda Zuckerman – Big Brother 15

The Case: Amanda was a strong, powerful woman who backed down to no one. Despite being god awful in competitions, she was incredible at manipulating people and using their own words against them in order to get them to do what she wanted. When others believed they were running the house, Amanda actually was. All while utilizing the same tactics that Evel Dick did seven seasons earlier. Amanda is an incredibly controversial figure in the Big Brother community but her game play speaks for itself. There has never been a woman that has played the game as aggressively and as entertainingly as Amanda Zuckerman. No All-Stars 2 cast would be complete without her.

Bonus: Even a game of Jenga won’t stop her from getting in someone’s face.

1. Eric Stein (Big Brother 8)

Eric Stein – Big Brother 8

The Case: Eric Stein is the only Big Brother player to ever actively and knowingly play against himself and his own best interests. This is because he was the big twist of season 8 of Big Brother. Eric was America’s Player. This meant that America got to vote on what he did, who he targeted, and who he voted for. In order to win money, Eric had to follow through on each one of these tasks. Even though it effectively tied his hands behind his back, the twist kept Eric on his toes and he was able to maneuver his way into the final five. He was a master manipulator that was able to convince everyone in the house that what he was doing made sense. Eric deserves a second chance but really, he deserves his first chance at actually playing the game he wants to play.

Bonus: We would get a true Summer of Stein.

There you have it! In a perfect world, these ten contestants would be on the upcoming season of Big Brother. There would be guaranteed strategy, fights, and tears. Big Brother producers, we are begging you, make this cast happen!

What do you think of our list? Who do you want to come back if the upcoming season is All-Stars 2? If you want more Big Brother content, you can find it right here!

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